Turn to Film

Film in the Business School

Turn to Film: Film in the Business School offers creative and powerful uses of film in the business school classroom and surveys the pedagogical and performative value of watching films with students. This volume examines not only how film offers opportunities for learning and investigation, but also how they can be sources of ideological poison, self-delusion and mis-representation. Throughout the text, renowned contributors embrace film’s power to embark on new adventures of thought by inventing images and signs, and by bringing novel concepts and fresh perspectives to the classroom. If film often reveals organizational dysfunctionality and absurdity, it also teaches us to understand the other, to see difference, and to accept experimentation. A wide spectra of films are examined for their pedagogical value in terms of what can be learned, explored and discussed by teaching with film and how film can be used as a tool of research and investigation. The book sees film in the classroom as an educational challenge wherein rich learning and personal development are encouraged.

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Hugo Letiche, PhD (1984), Free University Amsterdam, is Professor at The University of Leicester School of Business and Professeur invité at Institut Mines-Télécom, Paris. He has written extensively about philosophy, art, pedagogy and the ethnography of organization.

Jean-Luc Moriceau, PhD (1997), Paris Dauphine, is Professor at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, Paris. His current research centres on the turn-to-affect and performance as research form.
Notes on Contributors

Part 1: Film & Management

1. The Future Is Now!
Robert S. Earhart
2. Caligula – A Teratology of Power
Rémi Jardat>
3. The Limits of Control – Illusion or Delusion?
Peter Pelzer
4. Mentors and Mentees in Managerial Films
Charles Egert
5. Exploring Visual Production of Entrepreneurship: SoundCloud Going ‘All In’ with Adidas
David Sköld and Mikolaj Dymek

Part 2: Audience in the Classroom

6. Who’s the Boss? Leadership, Fiction and Power According to “The Boss-of-It-All”
Philippe Mairesse and Stephane Debenedetti
7. Do We Have a Leader?
Robert van Boeschoten and Vincent Pieterse
8. Film as Shock to Thought
Luc Peters>
9. The Terrifying Thing with Film as Business Education and Research
Perttu Salovaara and Martin Wood

Part 3: Film & Meaning

10. From the “Reel World” to Organizational Metaphors: Dialogue in a Parallel Discourse with Marshal McLuhan
Yvon Pesqueux
11. Adaptation: Not to Give in and Not to Give Up
Jean-Luc Moriceau
12. Nobody Knows My Tokyo Sonata: Or What does the Benshi Know?
Hugo Letiche
13. Conclusions: Affect and Ethics in Business and Management Education
Hugo Letiche
14. Films and Suggestion for Their Use
&emps; Hugo Letiche and Jean-Luc Moriceau

Those wanting to know which films that can be used in the business school classroom will find here new depth to the ‘why’ and ample support for the ‘how’.