Jews and Muslims Made Visible in Christian Iberia and Beyond, 14th to 18th Centuries

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This volume aims to show through various case studies how the interrelations between Jews, Muslims and Christians in Iberia were negotiated in the field of images, objects and architecture during the Later Middle Ages and Early Modernity. . By looking at the ways pre-modern Iberians envisioned diversity, we can reconstruct several stories, frequently interwoven with devotional literature, poetry or Inquisitorial trials, and usually quite different from a binary story of simple opposition. The book’s point of departure narrates the relationship between images and conversions, analysing the mechanisms of hybridity, and proposing a new explanation for the representation of otherness as the complex outcome of a negotiation involving integration.

Contributors are: Cristelle Baskins, Giuseppe Capriotti, Ivana Čapeta Rakić, Borja Franco Llopis, Francisco de Asís García García, Yonatan Glazer-Eytan, Nicola Jennings, Fernando Marías, Elena Paulino Montero, Maria Portmann, Juan Carlos Ruiz Souza, Amadeo Serra Desfilis, Maria Vittoria Spissu, Laura Stagno, Antonio Urquízar-Herrera.

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Borja Franco Llopis, Ph.D. (2009), University of Barcelona, is Ramón y Cajal Fellow at UNED, Madrid. Recent publications include Pintando al converso: la imagen del morisco en la Península Ibérica (1492-1614) (Cátedra, 2019).

Antonio Urquízar-Herrera, Ph.D. (2000), University of Córdoba, is Professor at the History of Art Department, UNED, Madrid. He has recently published Admiration and Awe. Morisco Buildings and Identity Negotiations in Early Modern Spanish Historiography (Oxford University Press, 2017).
The book is intended primarily for academic specialists and students with interests in the following areas: Spain, Italy, Medieval and Early Modern history, history of art, cultural studies, architecture, painting, religion, Islam and Judaism in Europe, as well as postcolonial theory. However, the book is sufficiently accessible for a broader audience.