The Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of the Maillard de Tournon Legation

Volume II: September 1706 – December 1707

The Acta Pekinensia is a Latin manuscript found in the Jesuit Roman Archives. It is a record of the papal legation to China of Charles Maillard de Tournon, from his arrival in China to his death in Macau. It was compiled by Kilian Stumpf, a German Jesuit missionary/scientist serving at the court of the Kangxi Emperor of China. Stumpf was in a privileged position to record day by day the events of this crucial episode not only in the history of Christianity in China but in Chinese-Western relations. This annotated translation provides a full documentation and an acute and lively commentary on the clash of values which resulted in the failure of the legation and the condemnation of Chinese Rites.

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Paul Rule, Ph.D. (1973), Australian National University, taught Religious Studies and Chinese History at La Trobe University, Melbourne (1973-2002) and since researched for the Ricci Institutes of Macau and San Francisco on the Chinese Rites and Jesuits in China.

Claudia von Collani, Dr.Theol., is Professor at the University of Würzburg, and is a missiologist and specialist in early modern East Asian mission history. She has written extensively on the Chinese Rites Controversy, Figurism, and the exchange of knowledge between China and Europe.

The Acta Pekinensia—September 1706 to December 1707

Major Headings and Marginal Subheadings to the Acta Pekinensia Manuscript’s English Translation
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