Rome, Global Dreams, and the International Origins of an Empire


In Rome, Global Dreams, and the International Origins of an Empire, Sarah Davies explores how the Roman Republic evolved, in ideological terms, into an “Empire without end.” This work stands out within Roman imperialism studies by placing a distinct emphasis on the role of international-level norms and concepts in shaping Roman imperium. Using a combination of literary, epigraphic, and numismatic evidence, Davies highlights three major factors in this process. First is the development, in the third and second centuries BCE, of a self-aware international community with a cosmopolitan vision of a single, universalizing world-system. Second is the misalignment of Rome’s polity and concomitant diplomatic practices with those of its Hellenistic contemporaries. And third is contemporary historiography, which inserted Rome into a cyclical (and cosmic) rise-and-fall of great power.

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Biographical Note

Sarah H. Davies, Ph.D. (2012), University of Texas at Austin, is an Associate Professor of History at Whitman College. Her research focuses on international relations, ancient historiography, and material culture in the Hellenistic period and in Republican and Augustan Rome.


Academic audiences (specialists, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates) interested in Roman and/or Hellenistic history and imperialism studies, with special focus on international relations, historiography, and Roman-Greek cultural interactions.

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