The Campus Novel – Regional or Global? presents innovative scholarship in the field of academic fiction. Whereas the campus novel is traditionally considered a product of the Anglo-American world, the present study opens a new perspective: it elucidates the intercultural exchange between the well-established Western canon of British and American academic fiction and its more recent regional response outside the Anglo-American territory.


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Biographical Note

Dieter Fuchs is Assistant Professor at the Department of English and American Studies of the University of Vienna. He received his doctorate from LMU Munich, with a PhD thesis on James Joyce and Menippean Satire. Wojciech Klepuszewski is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland. He received his doctorate from Gdansk University. His research area focuses on academic fiction and, more recently, on alcohol in literature.


All interested in campus fiction, especially scholars in the field of Anglophone literatures.