Research as Transformative Learning for Sustainable Futures

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In a rapidly globalizing world, the pressing challenge for science and mathematics educators is to develop their transdisciplinary capabilities for countering the neo-colonial hegemony of the Western modern worldview that has been embedded historically, like a Trojan Horse, in the international education export industry. Research as Transformative Learning for Sustainable Futures introduces the world to next-generation multi-worldview research that empowers prospective educational leaders with a vision and voice for designing 21st century educational policies and practices that foster sustainable development of the diverse cultural capital of their multicultural societies. At the heart of this research are the principles of equity, inclusiveness and social justice.

The book starts with accounts of the editors' extensive experience of engaging culturally diverse educators in postgraduate research as transformative learning. A unique aspect of their work is combining Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. In turn, the chapter authors – teacher educators from universities across Asia, Southern Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific – share their experience of research that transformed their philosophies of professional practice. They illustrate the following aspects of their engagement in research as transformative learning for sustainable futures: excavating auto|ethnographically their lifeworld experiences of learning and teaching; developing empowering scholarly perspectives for analysing critically and reflexively the complex cultural framings of their professional practices; re-visioning their cultural and professional identities; articulating transformative philosophies of professional practice; and enacting transformative agency on return to their educational institutions.

Contributors are: Naif Mastoor Alsulami, Shashidhar Belbase, Nalini Chitanand, Alberto Felisberto Cupane, Suresh Gautam, Bal Chandra Luitel, Neni Mariana, Milton Norman Medina, Doris Pilirani Mtemang'ombe, Emilia Afonso Nhalevilo, Hisashi Otsuji, Binod Prasad Pant, Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi, Yuli Rahmawati, Indra Mani Rai (Yamphu), Siti Shamsiah Sani, Indra Mani Shrestha, Mangaratua M. Simanjorang, and Peter Charles Taylor.

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Peter Charles Taylor, Ph.D. (1993), Murdoch University, is Director of the International Transformative Education & Research Network. He has published edited books, book chapters and articles on transformative education, including Transformative Science Education (Encyclopedia of Science Education, Springer, 2015).
Bal Chandra Luitel, Ph.D. (2009), Kathmandu University, leads the Transformative Education Research Group. He has published numerous articles, including "A Mindful Inquiry towards Transformative Curriculum Vision for Inclusive Mathematics Education" in the journal Learning: Research and Practice.
"[T]he Introduction, on Research as Transformative Learning for Sustainable Futures supports the premise of the book that education for sustainable development is essential to help resolve our proliferating global crises, especially the worldwide decline in cultural diversity. Luitel and Taylor are professional educators and researchers in mathematics and science education. Hence their point that Western science and mathematics is too narrowly focused on the goal of economic development whilst turning a blind eye to the equally important sustainable development pillars of the natural environment and the culturally diverse social world [..] My main reason for reviewing this book [...] is to encourage you to engage with all of the contributors, in educational conversations that can include the sharing of explanations of educational influences in one’s own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of the social formations that influence practice and understandings. I am thinking of explanations that include the use of values as explanatory principles in the explanations of educational influences in learning. The strength of the book is in introducing Living Theory researchers to Transformative Research, to ideas about Transforming Culturally Situated Selves, to Envisioning Transformative Pedagogies and to Sustaining Transformative Pedagogies."

- Jack Whitehead, The University of Cumbria, UK, Educational Journal of Living Theories, Volume 12(1): 103-104
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1. Introduction: Research as Transformative Learning for Sustainable Futures
Bal Chandra Luitel and Peter Charles Taylor

Part 1: Teaching & Learning Transformative Research

2. Journeying towards a Multi-Paradigmatic Transformative Research Program: An East-West Symbiosis
Bal Chandra Luitel
3. Teaching and Learning Transformative Research: Complexity, Challenge and Change
Peter Charles Taylor and Milton Norman Medina

Part 2: Contemplating Transformative Research Methods

4. Letter to Professor Auguste Comte: A Counter Narrative to Positivism
Suresh Gautam
5. An Integral Perspective on Research: Methodological and Theoretical Journey of a Teacher Educator
Binod Prasad Pant
6. Transforming Saudi Educators’ Professional Practices: Critical Auto/Ethnography, an Islamic Perspective
Naif Mastoor Alsulami
7. Contemplating My Autoethnography: From Idiosyncracy to Retrospection
Shashidhar Belbase

Part 3: Transforming Culturally Situated Selves

8. Excavating My Cultural Identity: Promoting Local Culture and Stability in a Post/Colonial Era
Alberto Felisberto Cupane
9. Cultural-Self Knowing: Transforming Self and Others
Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi
10. Where Do I Come from? What Am I? Where Am I Going? How the Grandson of a Mahayana Buddhism Priest Became a Science Educator
Hisashi Otsuji
11. Being Animated by a Transformative Soul: Ethical Responsibility in Mathematics Education
Mangaratua M. Simanjorang
12. Exorcising Satan from the Science Classroom: Ending the Hereditary Syndrome of Science Teaching in Malawi
Doris Pilirani Mtemang’ombe

Part 4: Envisioning Transformative Pedagogies

13. A Reflective Journey within Five Ways of Transformative Knowing: Indonesia, Islam, International
Neni Mariana
14. Facilitating Culturally De/Contextualised Mathematics Education: An Arts-Based Ethnodrama
Indra Mani Shrestha
15. Unshackling from Cultural Hegemony via Third Spacing Pedagogy: Learning to Think Indigenously
Indra Mani Rai (Yamphu)
16. Envisioning Creative Learning in Science Teacher Education: Currere, Emancipation and Creativity
Siti Shamsiah Sani

Part 5: Sustaining Transformative Pedagogies

17. Returning Home: Key Challenges Facing a Transformative Educator
Yuli Rahmawati
18. Transcending Boundaries: Enacting a Transformative Philosophy of Professional Practice
Nalini Chitanand
19. Viewing Curriculum as Possibilities for Freedom: An Ndo’Nkodo of My Research Path
Emilia Afonso Nhalevilo

Social science researchers, teacher educators, research supervisors and postgraduate students interested in contemporary educational research methods, transformative education, and teacher professional development.