Public Diplomacy at Home

Domestic Dimensions


Author: Ellen Huijgh
This book is about the domestic dimension of public diplomacy, which must be understood within the context of public diplomacy’s evolution over time. In the virtually connected world of today, newcomers such as supranational organizations, sub-states and Asian countries have had less difficulty than Western nation-states including a domestic dimension in public diplomacy. Doing so does not separate the domestic and international components; rather, it highlights that there is a holistic/integrative approach to public involvement at home and abroad. In Huijgh’s comprehensive analysis, including case studies from North America, Europa and the Asia-Pacific, public diplomacy’s international and domestic dimensions can be seen as stepping stones on a continuum of public participation that is central to international policymaking and conduct.

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Ellen Huijgh (1976-2018) was a doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp, visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations “Clingendael”, The Hague, and non-resident research fellow at the Centre on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
About Public Diplomacy at Home: Domestic Dimensions
About the Author

1 Types of Diplomatic Engagement

2 Changing Tunes for Public Diplomacy: Exploring the Domestic Dimension

3 Public Diplomacy’s Domestic Dimension in the European Union

4 Opening the Windows on Diplomacy: a Comparison of the Domestic Dimension of Public Diplomacy in Canada and Australia
with Caitlin Byrne

5 The Public Diplomacy of Federated Entities: Examining the Quebec Model

6 The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers: Turkey
with Jordan Warlick

7 The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers: Indonesia

All interested in public diplomacy, diplomacy in theory and practice, public participation in foreign policy, and non-western and sub-state diplomacy.