STEM of Desire

Queer Theories and Science Education


Volume Editors: Will Letts and Steve Fifield
STEM of Desire: Queer Theories and Science Education locates, creates, and investigates intersections of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and queer theorizing. Manifold desires—personal, political, cultural—produce and animate STEM education. Queer theories instigate and explore (im)possibilities for knowing and being through desires normal and strange. The provocative original manuscripts in this collection draw on queer theories and allied perspectives to trace entanglements of STEM education, sex, sexuality, gender, and desire and to advance constructive critique, creative world-making, and (com)passionate advocacy. Not just another call for inclusion, this volume turns to what and how STEM education and diverse, desiring subjects might be(come) in relation to each other and the world.

STEM of Desire is the first book-length project on queering STEM education. Eighteen chapters and two poems by 27 contributors consider STEM education in schools and universities, museums and other informal learning environments, and everyday life. Subject areas include physical and life sciences, engineering, mathematics, nursing and medicine, environmental education, early childhood education, teacher education, and education standards. These queering orientations to theory, research, and practice will interest STEM teacher educators, teachers and professors, undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, policy makers, and academic libraries.

Contributors are: Jesse Bazzul, Charlotte Boulay, Francis S. Broadway, Erin A. Cech, Steve Fifield, blake m. r. flessas, Andrew Gilbert, Helene Götschel, Emily M. Gray, Kristin L. Gunckel, Joe E. Heimlich, Tommye Hutson, Kathryn L. Kirchgasler, Michelle L. Knaier, Sheri Leafgren, Will Letts, Anna MacDermut, Michael J. Reiss, Donna M. Riley, Cecilia Rodéhn, Scott Sander, Nicholas Santavicca, James Sheldon, Amy E. Slaton, Stephen Witzig, Timothy D. Zimmerman, and Adrian Zongrone.

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Will Letts, PhD (2005), University of Delaware, is associate dean academic in the Faculty of Arts and Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia. His research interests include the cultural studies of science (education), especially with respect to sex, gender, and sexuality.

Steve Fifield, PhD (1999), University of Minnesota, is an affiliated assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware. He has worked in universities, schools, and museums and is interested in entanglements of self and science education.
Charlotte Boulay
Prolegomenon: Queer Theories and STEM Education
Steve Fifield and Will Letts

1. I : Snow Queen :: “Nigger” : (School) Science
Francis S. Broadway
2. Queering Science Education without Making Too Much Sense
Steve Fifield and Will Letts
3. Beyond Nature Talk: Transforming Environmental Education with Critical and Queer Theories
Blake M. R. Flessas and Timothy D. Zimmerman
4. Wonder in the Science Classroom
Andrew Gilbert and Emily M. Gray
5. Teaching Queering Physics: An Agenda for Research and Practice
Helene Götschel
6. What Does Queer Theory Have to Do with Teaching Science in Elementary Schools?
Kristin L. Gunckel
7. Queering STEM Learningscapes
Joe E. Heimlich
8. What’s in a Name? Reflections on Learning and Teaching in Central Texas
Tommye Hutson
9. Strange Precipitate: How Interest in Science Produces Different Kinds of Students
Kathryn L. Kirchgasler
10. What Makes Girls and Boys So Desirable? STEM Education beyond Gender Binaries
Michelle L. Knaier
11. Children, Nomads, and Queering: Desire and Surprise in a Wiggly World
Sheri Leafgren and Scott Sander
12. Inviting the Mess: A Children’s Museum’s Transgressive Tactics for Unleashing Play
Anna MacDermut and Adrian Zongrone
13. Thinking Like a Fox: Queering the Science Classroom When Teaching about Sex and Sexuality
Michael J. Reiss
14. Exhibiting Doctors and Nurses: Queering Professional Education in a Medical Museum
Cecilia Rodéhn
15. Camping Science Education: A Trip to Camp Wilde and the Queer Nature of Nature
Nicholas Santavicca, Jesse Bazzul and Stephen Witzig
16. Towards a Queer Curriculum of Infinity
James Sheldon
17. Yearning, Learning, and Earning: The Gritty Ontologies of American Engineering Education
Amy E. Slaton, Erin A. Cech and Donna M. Riley
18. The Bargain
Charlotte Boulay
This collection addresses issues of theory, research, and practice of interest to STEM teacher educators, teachers and professors, undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, policy makers, and academic libraries.