Children and the Responsibility to Protect

In Children and the Responsibility to Protect, Bina D’Costa and Luke Glanville bring together more than a dozen academics and practitioners from around the world to examine the intersections of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle and the theory and practice of child protection. Contributors consider themes including how the agency and vulnerability of children is represented and how their voices are heard in discussions of R2P and child protection, and the merits of drawing together the R2P and Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) agendas, as well as case studies of children’s lives in conflict zones, child soldiers, and children born of conflict-related sexual violence.
This collection of essays was first published in the journal Global Responsibility to Protect (vol.10/1-2, 2018) as a special issue.

Contributors are: J. Marshall Beier, Letícia Carvalho, Bina D’Costa, Myriam Denov, Luke Glanville, Michelle Godwin, Erin Goheen Glanville, Cecilia Jacob, Dustin Johnson, Atim Angela Lakor, Katrina Lee-Koo, Ryoko Nakano, Jochen Prantl, Jeremy Shusterman, Hannah Sparwasser Soroka, Timea Spitka, Jana Tabak, Shelly Whitman.
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Biographical Note

Bina D'Costa is Associate Professor and Senior Fellow at the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University. She has been leading the migration research program at the UNICEF Office of Research–Innocenti (2016-2018). Her research interests span migration, children and conflict, gender, war crimes and justice.

Luke Glanville, Ph.D. (2010), is a Fellow in the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University. He is the author of Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect: A New History (University of Chicago Press, 2014).


This book is relevant for all practitioners, scholars, and students interested in issues of child protection, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and the relationship between the two.