Evolution and Consciousness

From a Barren Rocky Earth to Artists, Philosophers, Meditators and Psychotherapists


This volume provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the emerging concept of the evolution of consciousness. The simple, but dynamic, theory of evolving consciousness blends the powerful insights of modern science with the deep wisdom of age-old cultures, synthesising the traditions of East and West, of the head and heart, of the feminine and the masculine and of science and spirituality. By integrating diverse multi-disciplinary approaches, it provides an overarching and transcending model that moves us to a new level of meaning and understanding of our place in the world. An appreciation of the evolution of consciousness can deepen our connection to ourselves, to others and to the natural world, while bringing a new dimension to the work of psychotherapy.

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Biographical Note

Michael DelMonte, Ph.D. (1982), Trinity College Dublin, is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College. He was Principal Clinical Psychologist at St. Patrick’s Hospital and he co-founded the Transnational Network for Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being (1990) in Tokyo.

Maeve Halpin is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist (PSI) and founder-manager of the Appletree Health and Wellness Therapy Centre in Dublin. She compiled and published How to be Happy and Healthy: the Seven Natural Elements of Mental Health in 2014.


Psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, practitioners/teachers of meditation and mindfulness, psychologists, academics, researchers/students (mind/brain domain), researchers/students of the evolution of consciousness, psychiatrists, anthropologists, teachers/students of Eastern and Western Philosophy, ethologists and ethnologists.

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