Holy Ground: Where Art and Text Meet

Studies in the Cultural History of India


Author: Hans T. Bakker
The 31 selected and revised articles in the volume Holy Ground: Where Art and Text Meet, written by Hans Bakker between 1986 and 2016, vary from theoretical subjects to historical essays on the classical culture of India. They combine two mainstreams: the Sanskrit textual tradition, including epigraphy, and the material culture as expressed in works of religious art and iconography. The study of text and art in close combination in the actual field where they meet provides a great potential for understanding. The history of holy places is therefore one of the leitmotivs that binds these studies together.
One article, "The Ramtek Inscriptions II", was co-authored by Harunaga Isaacson, two articles, on "Moksadharma 187 and 239–241" and "The Quest for the Pasupata Weapon," by Peter C. Bisschop.
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Hans Teye Bakker (1948) is professor emeritus of Sanskrit and Hinduism at the University of Groningen. He is presently connected to the British Museum as curator for the ERC project Beyond Boundaries (ERC Project no. 609823). He published numerous books and articles on the history of Hinduism, 31 of which have been selected for the present volume
All interested in the cultural history of Northern India of the classical and medieval periods. Sanskritists, historians of religion and historians of Indian art and iconography, as well as historians of Shaivism (Pasupata).