Music, Narrative and the Moving Image

Varieties of Plurimedial Interrelations


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Table of contents


Part 1

Section 1: Film Music: Reflections on Functions

1 Music’s Body and the Moving Image
Lawrence Kramer
2 Disturbing Silences and Open Narratives: Musical Gaps in Fictional and Documentary Moving Images
Saskia Jaszoltowski
3 Traditional and Non-traditional Uses of Film Music, and Musical Metalepsis in The Truman Show
Werner Wolf
4 Homer and the Springfield Orchestra Bus: Four Test Cases for Any Future Challenge to the Diegetic/Non-diegetic Model
Jordan Carmalt Stokes

Section 2: Film Music: Significant Intermedial Cases

5 Operatic Plurimediality in Italian Silent Cinema: Nino Oxilia and Pietro Mascagni’s Rapsodia Satanica (1915)
Bernhard Kuhn
6 Humanized Documentary, “Light” Verse, and Music Made to Fit: G.P.O. Film Unit/Auden/Britten’s Night Mail (1936)
Walter Bernhart
7 An Incarnation of Memory: Song as Absence in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah
Ruth Jacobs
8 Accumulating Schubert: Music and Narrative in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Winter Sleep
Heidi Hart
9 Mise en scène, Mozart, and a Borrowed Chorale: Learned Style and Identity in Pawlikowski’s Ida
Christopher Booth

Part 2: Intermedial Varieties

10 Shadow Images Moving to Music: La Tentation de saint Antoine in Montmartre
Peter Dayan
11 ‘The Big Turnaround in the Middle’: On the Silent Movie and the Film Music Interlude in Alban Berg’s Opera Lulu
Marion Recknagel
12 All the Pieces Matter: On Complex TV Music
Frieder von Ammon
13 The Music Videos of Alternative Rock Band They Might Be Giants: Prolegomena for a Theory of Nonsense across Media
Emily Petermann

Part 3: Remediations

14 Thrilling Opera: Conflicts of the Mind and the Media in Kasper Holten’s Juan
Axel Englund
15 Novel, Woodcuts, Film, Music …: Pondering over the Title of Gara Garayev’s Symphony Engravings “Don Quixote”
Alla Bayramova
16 Film as Opera: Three Perspectives on Still Life and Brief Encounter
Michael Halliwell
17 On the Intertextual Docks, or, Whatever Happened to Shanghai Lil?
David Francis Urrows

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