A Grammar of Murui (Bue)

A Witotoan Language from Northwest Amazonia


In A Grammar of Murui (Bue), Katarzyna Wojtylak provides the first complete description of Murui, an endangered Witotoan language, spoken by the Murui-Muina (Witoto) people from Colombia and Peru. The grammar is written from a functional and typological perspective, using natural language data gathered during several fieldtrips to the Caquetá-Putumayo region between 2013 and 2017. The many remarkable characteristics of Murui include a complex system of classifiers, differential subject and object marking, person-marking verb morphology, evidential and epistemic marking, head-tail linkage, and a system of numerals, including the fraternal (brother-based) forms for ‘three’ and ‘four’. The grammar represents an important contribution to the study of Witotoan languages, linguistic typology of Northwest Amazonia, and language contact in the area.

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Katarzyna I. Wojtylak, Ph.D. (2017), James Cook University, is an Adjunct Researcher at that university, and a Teaching and Research Fellow at the University of Regensburg. She has been researching the Murui language since 2010.
Linguists and anthropologists interested in typology, endangered languages, descriptive linguistics, historical change, sociolinguistics, language contact, Witotoan languages, Amazonian languages, and indigenous languages of the Americas.