NATO Rules of Engagement

On ROE, Self-defence and the Use of Force during Armed Conflict


In NATO Rules of Engagement, Camilla Guldahl Cooper offers clarity on a topic prone to confusion and misunderstanding. NATO rules of engagement (ROE) are of considerable political, strategic and operational importance, yet many of its concepts lack clarity. The resulting ambiguity may be detrimental for people involved and for mission accomplishment.

Through a thorough analysis of the concept, purpose, development and use of NATO ROE, Cooper contributes to improved understanding and implementation of NATO ROE. The book covers all use of force categories and relevant law relating to the use of force during armed conflicts, including the complex concepts of hostile act and hostile intent, direct participation in hostilities, and the increasing reliance on self-defence during armed conflict.

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Biographical Note
Camilla Guldahl Cooper, Ph.D. (Oslo, 2018), Norwegian Defence University College, is an Associate Professor of operational law. She has co-authored the Norwegian Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict, and published articles and chapters on operational law.
Military operators, legal advisers and political advisers working with ROE or NATO; military colleges; and civilian academics interested in NATO, the law of armed conflict, and international human rights law.
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