Caught in Translation: Studies on Versions of Late-Antique Christian Literature


Ancient translations of late antique Christian literature serve to spread the body of knowledge to wider audiences in often radically new cultural contexts. For the texts which are translated, their versions are not only sometimes crucial textual witnesses, but also important testimonies of independent strands of reception, cast in the cultural context of the new language. This volume gathers ten contributions that deal with translations into Latin, Syriac, Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, Old Nubian, Old Slavonic, Sogdian, Arabic and Ethiopic, set in dialog in order to highlight the range of problems and approaches involved in dealing with the reception of Christian literature across the various languages in which it was transmitted.

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Biographical Note
Madalina Toca is a PhD candidate in late antique Christianity at KU Leuven. She is completing her thesis on Isidore of Pelusium’s epistolary corpus, tackling issues related to the historical relevance of the letters, the formation of the corpus, and its reception in Greek, Latin, and Syriac. Dan Batovici, PhD (2015), is an FWO Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven and has published extensively on the reception of early Christian books in Late Antiquity.
All interested in Eastern Christianity, and particularly in questions related to the translation and manuscript transmission of late antique literature.
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