Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia’s Early Independence Period

The Foundation of the New Order State (1950-1965)


In Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia’s Early Independence Period, Farabi Fakih offers a historical analysis of the foundational years leading to Indonesia’s New Order state (1966-1998) during the early independence period. The study looks into the structural and ideological state formation during the so-called Liberal Democracy (1950-1957) and Sukarno’s Guided Democracy (1957-1965). In particular, it analyses how the international technical aid network and the dominant managerialist ideology of the period legitimized a new managerial elite. The book discusses the development of managerial education in the civil and military sectors in Indonesia. The study gives a strongly backed argument that Sukarno’s constitutional reform during the Guided Democracy period inadvertently provided a strong managerial blueprint for the New Order developmentalist state.
Dr. Farabi Fakih (Leiden University, 2014), is Lecturer of Indonesian History at Gadjah Mada University. His research interests mainly lie in Indonesian urban history, the political-economic history of the Indonesian state and Indonesian business history.
All those interested in the political history of Indonesia, the history of the developmental state and the history of managerial ideology.
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