Bodies in Flux

Embodiments at the End of Anthropocentrism


This volume offers an insight into a selection of current issues of embodiment and other related aspects, such as identity, gender, disability, or sexuality, discussed on the basis of examples from contemporary culture and social life. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s concept of the cyborg as a transgressor of boundaries, the book examines fluidity of post-human bodies – from cyber relations to others and to self, enabled by the latest technologies, through fragmented, prostheticised, monstrous or augmented body of popular culture and lifestyles, to the dis/utopian fantasies offered by literary texts – showing how difficult it still is in current culture to let go of the stable boundaries towards the post-gender world Haraway imagines.

Contributors are Dawn Woolley, Anna Pilińska, Barbara Braid, Jana Reynolds, Julio Ernesto Guerrero Mondaca, Ana Gabriela Magallanes Rodríguez, Katharina Vester, Wojciech Śmieja and Hanan Muzaffar.

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Dr. Hanan Muzaffar is Dean of Student Affairs and Assistant Professor of English at the American University of Kuwait. She received her PhD from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Her most recent publication is a feminist reading of Djuna Barnes and Margaret Atwood, published in 2011.
Dr. Barbara Braid is Assistant Professor at the English Institute of Szczecin University. She received her PhD from Opole University in 2017. Her academic interests include neo-Victorian and gothic fictions and adaptations. Her recent publications include the edited volume Gender under Construction (Brill, 2018).
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Embodiments at the End of Anthropocentrism
Hanan Muzaffar and Barbara Braid

Part 1
Streaming the Body: Digital Media and the Embodiment
1 The Iconography of Disruptive Bodies: Social Media and Medical Identities
Dawn Woolley
2 “Bodies We Obsess Upon”: Corporality and Gender Performance in The Heart Machine (2014)
Anna Pilińska

Part 2
Extending the Body: Biotechnology, Fluidity, Monstrosity
3 Body Going ‘Gaga’: Lady Gaga, Disability and the Gothic body
Barbara Braid
4 “This Guy Is Such a Machine!” Gendering the Amputee Body in Fashion and Lifestyle Media
Jana Melkumova-Reynolds
5 Mexican Men Meet Cyborg Masculinity: Gendered Subjectivities in the Technology of Erection Era
Julio Ernesto Guerrero Mondaca and Ana Gabriela Magallanes Rodríguez

Part 3
Body at the End of Times: Fantasising Gender
6 POISE , Miss Lane! Super-Femininity in U.S. Comic Books in the 1940s and 1950s
Katharina Vester
7 From Tannenberg Battle to Warsaw Uprising: Polish Masculinity from Human to Posthuman in Modern Polish Literature
Wojciech Śmieja
8 Margaret Atwood’s Crakers and the Posthuman Future of Humanity
Hanan Muzaffar

Students and scholars in the fields of English studies, Art, Fashion, Literature, Popular Culture, and in particular those interested in the concepts of gender, sexuality and posthumanism.