Timescapes of Waiting

Spaces of Stasis, Delay and Deferral


Timescapes of Waiting explores the intersections of temporality and space by examining various manifestations of spatial (im-)mobility. The individual articles approach these spaces from a variety of academic perspectives – including the realms of history, architecture, law and literary and cultural studies – in order to probe the fluid relationships between power, time and space.
The contributors offer discussion and analysis of waiting spaces like ante-chambers, prisons, hospitals, and refugee camps, and also of more elusive spaces such as communities and nation-states.

Contributors: Olaf Berwald, Elise Brault-Dreux, Richard Hardack, Kerstin Howaldt, Robin Kellermann, Amanda Lagji, Margaret Olin, Helmut Puff, Katrin Röder, Christoph Singer, Cornelia Wächter, Robert Wirth.

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Biographical Note

Christoph Singer is assistant professor in the Department of British Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn. He published on representations of shorelines as liminal spaces, conceptions of Middlebrow and Early Modern Literature and Culture. Currently he is working on a project entitled A History of Solitude: (Post-)Modernist Narratives of Waiting and Delay.

Robert Wirth is a Research Associate at the Department of English and American Studies of the University of Paderborn, Germany, lecturing in English language and British cultural studies. His primary research interests lie in the field of Scottish literature, politics and culture, with a main focus on the utilisation of history and nostalgia in contemporary political campaigning. Together with Cornelia Wächter he is co-editor of Complicity and the Politics of Representation (2019).

Olaf Berwald Olaf Berwald is Professor of German Studies and Department Chair of Foreign Languages at Kennesaw State University, US. His has published on Melanchthon, Peter Weiss, Max Frisch, modernist aesthetics and religion, and on creative collaborations between Latin American and German writers.


All interested in theoretical discussions and the analysis of case studies of temporality and space with regards to spatial representations of power structures.

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