The Language and Style of the Gospel of Mark

An Edition of C.H. Turner's Notes on Marcan Usage together with Other Comparable Studies


C.H. Turner pioneered the study of the language and style of Mark's Gospel in a series of articles in the 1920s entitled "Notes on Marcan usage". All but one appeared in the Journal of Theological Studies — one further "Note" is published now for the first time. It is Turner's articles, reprinted with editorial additions, that form the backbone of the present book. Comparable articles by those who have followed in C.H. Turner's footsteps (G.D. Kilpatrick, J.K. Elliott, N. Turner) are also included. Some of these are published for the first time.
These studies into the language, style and usage are relevant for work not only on exegesis, but also on the textual criticism of the Gospel and on the synoptic problem.
This volume makes these essays accessible in one place and these together with the new studies form a convenient reference tool for Marcan scholars.
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Biographical Note

J.K. Elliott, D.Phil. (Oxford), D.D. (Wales), teaches New Testament Studies at the University of Leeds, UK. He has published widely on New Testament textual criticism and is editor of The Apocryphal New Testament (Oxford, 1993).

Review Quotes

' ...a cohesive and wide-ranging analysis of an important and productive aspect of Marcan studies... this collection [is] a most valuable asset to any student of Mark's gospel, whatever his interest or his approach.'
Jenny Heimerdinger, Novum Testamentum, 1995.
' ... the articles collected and reproduced in it represent some of the most important works of this century on Mark's gospel.'
H. Alan Brehm, Journal of Religion, 1995.


New Testament specialists, educated laymen.


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