A Decade of Tanzania

Politics, Economy and Society 2005-2017

Tanzania is widely recognized as a rather exceptional case of an African country that has seen political continuity and stability for more than five decades and has not experienced any major conflicts as has been the case elsewhere on the continent. Major political transformations – such as the transformation from a socialist one-party state to a market-oriented multi-party system – were initiated from above and controlled by the Revolutionary Party CCM, which has ruled the country since it gained independence in 1961. Despite its peaceful development and steady economic growth rates over the past 15 years, Tanzania has remained a low-income country with a huge majority of its people living in poverty.

This volume contains the original country chapters on Tanzania from the Africa Yearbook. Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara, covering the period 2005 – 2017. It embraces the entire 10-year presidency of President Kikwete and the first two years under the current President Magufuli.

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Biographical Note

Kurt Hirschler (M.A.) is a freelance political scientist, based in Hamburg (Germany). Since the year 2000 he has focussed on political and societal developments in Tanzania, where he regularly spends several months a year. He is the author of various studies about Tanzania. Rolf Hofmeier (Ph.D.) is an economist who worked in Tanzania in the 1960s and 1970s (University of Dar es Salaam, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development Planning, Tanga Integrated Regional Development Programme). He has subsequently conducted various studies in and about Tanzania and closely followed Tanzanian events ever since. He was Director of the Institute of African Affairs in Hamburg (Germany) from 1976 to 2000.

Table of contents

Tanzania 2005–2017: From Liberal to Autocratic Democracy and in Search of a Development Strategy

Tanzania in 2005

Tanzania in 2006

Tanzania in 2007

Tanzania in 2008

Tanzania in 2009

Tanzania in 2010

Tanzania in 2011

Tanzania in 2012

Tanzania in 2013

Tanzania in 2014

Tanzania in 2015

Tanzania in 2016

Tanzania in 2017


Students, politicians, diplomats, administrators, journalists, teachers, practitioners in the field of development aid as well as business people.

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