The Poetry Contest in Six Hundred Rounds (2 vols)

A Translation and Commentary

For the monumental Poetry Competition in Six Hundred Rounds ( Roppyakuban uta’awase), twelve poets each provided one hundred waka poems, fifty on seasonal topics and fifty on love, which were matched, critiqued by the participants and judged by Fujiwara no Shunzei, the premiere poet of his age. Its critical importance is heightened by the addition of a lengthy Appeal ( chinjō) against Shunzei’s judgements by the conservative poet and monk, Kenshō. It is one of the key texts for understanding poetic and critical practice in late twelfth century Japan, and of the conflict between conservative and innovative poets.
The Competition and Appeal are presented here for the first time in complete English translation with accompanying commentary and explanatory notes by Thomas McAuley.

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Thomas E. McAuley, Ph.D, (1995), University of Sheffield, is a Lecturer in Japanese Studies. He has published on premodern Japanese linguistics, literature and translation. Over 5,000 of his translations of Japanese waka are available at
Translations and Abbreviations for Major Poetry Anthologies

The Poetry Contest in Six Hundred Rounds

The Poetry Competition of One Hundred Poem Sequences, Held at the House of the Major Captain of the Left

Spring I

Spring II

Spring III

Summer I

Summer II

Autumn I

Autumn II

Autumn III

Winter I

Winter II

Love I

Love II

Love III

Love IV

Love V

Love VI

Love VII


Love IX

Love X

The Six Hundred Round Appeal

The Six Hundred Round Appeal
Appendix 1: Results by Team
Appendix 2: Competition Poems by Poet
Appendix 3: Results by Poet
Glossary of Critical Terms and Translations
General Index
Index of First Lines
Index of Poems
Index of Poets
All interested in premodern Japanese waka poetry and poetic criticism, and in particular the poetics of Fujiwara no Shunzei, and the monk Kenshō.