Augmented Reality in Educational Settings

Volume Editor: Theodosia Prodromou
New digital technologies offer many exciting opportunities to educators who are looking to develop better teaching practices. When technologies are new, however, the potential for beneficial and effective implementations and applications is not yet fully recognized. This book is intended to provide teachers and researchers with a wide range of ideas from researchers working to integrate the new technology of Augmented Reality into educational settings and processes. It is hoped that the research and theory presented here can support both teachers and researchers in future work with this exciting new technology.

Contributors are: Miriam Adamková, Gilles Aldon, Panayiota Anastasi, Ferdinando Arzarello, Martina Babinská, Robert Bohdal, Francisco Botana, Constadina Charalambous, Eva Csandova, Omer Deperlioglu, Monika Dillingerová, Christos Dimopoulos, Jiri Dostal, Jihad El-Sana, Michael N. Fried, Maria Fuchsová, Marianthi Grizioti, Tomas Hlava, Markus Hohenwarter, Kateřina Jančaříková, Konstantinos Katzis, Lilla Korenova, Utku Köse, Zoltán Kovács,Blanka Kožík Lehotayová, Maria Kožuchová, Chronis Kynigos, Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica, Zsolt Lavicza, Álvaro Martínez, Efstathios Mavrotheris, Katerina Mavrou, Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Georgios Papaioannou, Miroslava Pirháčová Lapšanská, Stavros Pitsikalis, Corinne Raffin, Tomás Recio, Cristina Sabena, Florian Schacht, Eva Severini, Martina Siposova, Zacharoula Smyrnaiou, Nayia Stylianidou, Osama Swidan, Christos Tiniakos, Melanie Tomaschko, Renata Tothova, Christina Vasou, and Ibolya Veress-Bágyi.

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Theodosia Prodromou, Ph.D., The University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Dr Prodromou is a senior lecturer of Mathematics Education at the University of New England in Australia. She has published numerous journal articles and edited/authored books.
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Notes on Contributors

PART 1: Early Education

1 Uses of Augmented Reality in Pre-Primary Education
Eva Severini, Blanka Kožík Lehotayová and Eva Csandová
2 Uses of Augmented Reality for Development of Natural Literacy in Pre-Primary Education
Kateøina Janèaøíková and Eva Severini
3 Empowering Teachers to Augment Students’ Reading Experience: The Living Book Project Approach
Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Constadina Charalambous, Katerina Mavrou, Christos Dimopoulos, Panayiota Anastasi, Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica, Nayia Stylianidou and Christina Vasou
4 Uses of Augmented Reality in Primary Education
Lilla Korenova, Eva Csandova and Renata Tothova
5 Augmented Reality Applications in Early Childhood Education
Lilla Korenova, Zsolt Lavicza and Ibolya Veress-Bágyi

PART 2: Advanced Education

6 Mathematics Learning and Augmented Reality in a Virtual School
Gilles Aldon and Corinne Raffin
7 Engaging Students in Covariational Reasoning within an Augmented Reality Environment
Osama Swidan, Florian Schacht, Cristina Sabena, Michael Fried, Jihad El-Sana and Ferdinando Arzarello
8 Uses of Augmented Reality in Biology Education
Mária Fuchsová, Miriam Adamková and Miroslava Pirháèová Lapšanská
9 Uses of Augmented Reality in Tertiary Education
Martina Siposova and Tomas Hlava
10 An Augmented Reality Based Intelligent Diagnosis Platform for Medical Training
Utku Kose and Omer Deperlioglu
11 Augmented Reality and Future Mathematics Teachers
Martina Babinská, Monika Dillingerová and Lilla Korenová

PART 3: All ages and outside the school

12 Enlivened Laboratories within STEM Education (EL-STEM): A Case Study of Augmented Reality in Secondary Education
Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica, Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Efstathios Mavrotheris, Stavros Pitsikalis, Konstantinos Katzis, Christos Dimopoulos and Christos Tiniakos
13 Augmented Playgrounds: Questioning Simulations to Question Intuitions
Chronis Kynigos, Zacharoula Smyrnaiou and Marianthi Grizioti
14 Augmented Reality in Mathematics Education: The Case of GeoGebra AR
Melanie Tomaschko and Markus Hohenwarter
15 Automatically Augmented Reality with GeoGebra
F. Botana, Z. Kovács, A. Martínez-Sevilla and T. Recio
16 Augmented Reality in Museums and Cultural Heritage Settings
Georgios Papaioannou
17 Applications of Augmented Reality Apps in Teaching Technical Skills Courses
Lilla Korenova, Maria Kozuchova, Zsolt Lavicza and Jiri Dostal
18 Devices for Virtual and Augmented Reality
Robert Bohdal

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, Researchers, practitioners, curriculum developers, forward thinking policy makers, National departments of Education, intersted in integrating augmented reality in educational settings (Primary Education, Secondary Education, Tertiary education and training in a workplace) and prepare citizens to be ready to work and meet the new workforce needs of the 21st Century.