A Discourse Analysis of Habakkuk


Habakkuk is unique amongst the prophetic corpus for its interchange between YHWH and the prophet. Many open research questions exist regarding the identities of the antagonists throughout and the relationships amongst the different sections of the book. A Discourse Analysis of Habakkuk, David J. Fuller develops a model for discourse analysis of Biblical Hebrew within the framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The analytical procedure is carried out on each pericope of the book separately, and then the respective results are compared in order to determine how the successive speeches function as responses to each other, and to better understand changes in the perspectives of the various speakers throughout.

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Biographical Note

David J. Fuller, Ph.D. (2018), McMaster Divinity College, is Managing Editor of McMaster Divinity College Press and Adjunct Faculty at Thorneloe University. His publications include journal articles in SJOT, Biblica, and BTB.


All interested in Habakkuk, the Book of the Twelve, and the use of linguistics in the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible.