Judaism and Islam One God One Music

The History of Jewish Paraliturgical Song in the Context of Arabo-Islamic Culture as Revealed in Its Jewish Babylonian Sources


In Judaism and Islam One God One Music, Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad offers the first substantial study of the history and nature of the Jewish Paraliturgical Song, which developed in the Arabo-Islamic civilization between the tenth and the twentieth centuries.

Commonly portrayed as clashing cultures, Judaism and Islam appear here as complementary and enriching religio-cultural sources for the Paraliturgical Song’s texts and music, poets and musicians, as well as the worshippers.

Relying chiefly on the Babylonian-Jewish written sources of the genre, Rosenfeld-Hadad gives a fascinating historical account of one thousand years of the rich and vibrant cultural and religious life of Middle Eastern Judaism that endured in Arabo-Islamic settings. She convincingly proves that the Jewish Paraliturgical Song, like its people, reflects a harmonious hybridization of Jewish and Arabo-Islamic aesthetics and ideas.

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Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad, Ph.D. (2010), The University of Cambridge, is a musicologist who specialises in Middle Eastern cultures and musics. Her recent publications include “‘There on the Poplars [Arabs] We Hung Up [Rely On] Our Lyres [Jewish Music]’ Rabbi ‘Ovadyah Yosef’s Halakhic Rulings on Arabic Music” (Brill, 2017).
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1 The 1954 Miṣḥaf as a Holy Book of Paraliturgical Songs

2 The 1954 Miṣḥaf as a History Book of Paraliturgical Songs

3 The Paraliturgical Practice and Text: Typical Features Emerging from the Written Sources

4 The Paraliturgical Melody: Characteristics Emerging from Both the 1906 and the 1954 Mṣāḥif

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All interested in the history, religion, culture and music of Jews and Muslims of the Middle East, and the past interaction between Judaism and Islam including their ideas and peoples.
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