Genre in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry: Theories and Models

Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, Vol. 4


Genre in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry foregrounds innovative approaches to the question of genre, what it means, and how to think about it for ancient Greek poetry and performance. Embracing multiple definitions of genre and lyric, the volume pushes beyond current dominant trends within the field of Classics to engage with a variety of other disciplines, theories, and models. Eleven papers by leading scholars of ancient Greek culture cover a wide range of media, from Sappho’s songs to elegiac inscriptions to classical tragedy. Collectively, they develop a more holistic understanding of the concept of lyric genre, its relevance to the study of ancient texts, and its relation to subsequent ideas about lyric.

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Biographical Note

Margaret Foster, Ph.D. (2010), University of California, Berkeley, is Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Indiana University. Her work focuses on archaic and classical Greek poetry and cultural history. She is the author of The Seer and the City: Religion, Politics, and Colonial Ideology in Ancient Greece (University of California Press, 2018).

Leslie Kurke is Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work focuses on Greek literature and cultural history; her most recent book (co-authored with Richard Neer) is Pindar, Song, and Space: Towards a Lyric Archaeology (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019).

Naomi Weiss, Ph.D. (2014), University of California, Berkeley, is Associate Professor of the Classics at Harvard University. She has published widely on ancient Greek theater and performance culture, and is the author of The Music of Tragedy: Performance and Imagination in Euripidean Theater (University of California Press, 2018).

Contributors are: Seth Estrin, Andrew Ford, Margaret Foster, Mark Griffith, Gregory Nagy, Sarah Olsen, Timothy Power, Francesca Schironi, Deborah Steiner, Mario Telò, Naomi Weiss.


Students and scholars across the Humanities who are concerned with questions of genre and the history of lyric, and anyone interested in ancient Greek poetry.

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