Studies in the Formation of Medieval Hebrew Philosophical Terminology

Officina Philosophica Hebraica Volume I


This volume contains studies based on papers delivered at the international conference of the PESHAT in Context project entitled “Themes, Terminology, and Translation Procedure in Twelfth-Century Jewish Philosophy.” The central figure in this book is Judah Ibn Tibbon. He sired the Ibn Tibbon family of translators, which influenced philosophical and scientific Hebrew writing for centuries. More broadly, the study of this early phase of the Hebrew translation movement also reveals that the formation of a standardized Hebrew terminology was a long process that was never fully completed. Terminological shifts are frequent even within the Tibbonide family, to say nothing of the fascinating terminological diversity displayed by other authors and translators discussed in this book.

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Biographical Note

Reimund Leicht, Ph.D. (2004), Freie Universität Berlin, is Ethel Backenroth Senior Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published monographs, editions and articles on Jewish Thought in late antiquity and the Middle Ages, and on Johannes Reuchlin.

Giuseppe Veltri, Ph.D. 1991 Free University, Berlin, is professor of Jewish Philosophy at the University of Hamburg and of Comparative Religious Studies at the University of Leipzig. His fields of research are Jewish Philosophy in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period, Magic, and biblical tradition and translations. Among his publications are Language of Conformity and Dissent (2013); Scritti politici e filosofici di Simone Luzzatto (2013); Renaissance Philosophy in Jewish Garb (2009); Libraries, Translations, and ‘Canonic’ Texts (2006).

Table of contents

Preface to the Officina Philosophica Hebraica Subseries
Editors: Reimund Leicht & Giuseppe Veltri

Preface to This Volume

The Study of Pre-modern Philosophical and Scientific Hebrew Terminology – Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Reimund Leicht and Giuseppe Veltri

Ibn Tibbon’s Secrets: Samuel Ibn Tibbon’s Use of “Secrets of Torah” and “Secrets of Faith”
Daniel Davies

The Roots רמש and חגש in the Works of Samuel Ibn Tibbon: a Terminological Shift
Michael Engel

“Tibbonide Terminology” and Hebrew Meteorological Texts
Resianne Fontaine

“For the Earth Shall Be Filled with deʿah”: Terminological Ambiguities and the Connection between Knowledge and Actions in Maimonides’s Commentary on the Mishnah and Mishneh Torah?
Yehuda Halper

Judah Ibn Tibbon: the Cultural and Intellectual Profile of the “Father of the Hebrew Translation Movement”
Reimund Leicht

Mofet: from Miracle to Scientific Proof
David Lemler

The Term mitpalsef in Jewish Philosophy and Its Particular Use in Jewish Averroism
Giovanni Licata

Arabic-into-Hebrew Translation Strategies and Procedures in the Hebrew Manuscript Tradition of Themistius’s Paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics XII
Yoav Meyrav

The Transfer of Some Sufi Terms into a Jewish Environment – Baḥya Ibn Paquda’s Duties of the Hearts and Its Translation by Judah Ibn Tibbon
Joost van der Lijn

Remarks on an Ambiguous Geometric Term in Saadia Gaon’s Book of Beliefs and Opinions: šakl ṣanawbari/ṣūrah iṣṭrūbōlit
Gadi Charles Weber



All interested in the history of medieval Jewish philosophy, medieval science, medieval Jewish cultural history, Hebrew linguistics, and the transfer of knowledge between Jewish, Christian and Islamicate cultures in the the Middle Ages.

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