Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship

Editor: Wiel Veugelers
Winner of the SIG Moral Development and Education Book Award!

Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship (EDIC) is very relevant in contemporary societies. All citizens, but in particular teachers, curriculum developers, educational policy makers, and educational professionals in civil society (NGOs) have a crucial role in this. Seven European universities are working together in developing a curriculum to prepare their students for this important academic, societal and political task. As part of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership they each develop a module in the area of moral, intercultural and citizenship education. All modules are international and inquiry oriented, and make links with society.

In this book the leading scholars write the theoretical background of their module, their curriculum guidelines and goals, the concrete programmes, and the experiences of students. The universities had an annual intensive programme in which students and teachers of all universities came together to have try-outs of parts of the modules. These programmes contributed strongly to the network building of researchers, teachers and students.

The activities have given a strong stimulus to the implementation of Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship in the participating universities and in educational organisations worldwide. The experiences show both the necessity and the relevance of this topic and this kind of collaboration.
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Wiel Veugelers is professor of education at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. He is an international expert in the areas of moral and citizenship education. In 2015 he received the Kuhmerker Career Award of the Association of Moral Education.
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1 Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship (EDIC)
Wiel Veugelers
2 Theory and Practice of Citizenship Education
Wiel Veugelers and Isolde de Groot
3 Ethical Competences for Democratic Citizenship at School, University and in Family
Maria Rosa Buxarrais, Elena Noguera and Francisco Esteban
4 Social and Educational Inclusion in Schools and Their Communities
Ghazala Bhatti
5 Teachers’ Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters
Elina Kuusisto and Kirsi Tirri
6 Educational Activities in Civil Society
Dana Moree and Terezie Vávrová
7 Educational Policy and Leadership to Improve Democratic Citizenship Education
Eve Eisenschmidt, Triin Lauri and Reet Sillavee
8 Preparing Educators and Researchers for Multicultural/Intercultural Education: A Greek Perspective
Anastasia Kesidou
9 Experiencing Democratic Intercultural Citizenship: EDIC Intensive Programmes
Elina Kuusisto, Dana Moree and Reet Sillavee
10 Students’ Experiences in EDIC+ Intensive Programmes
Ghazala Bhatti
11 The Future of EDIC+
Wiel Veugelers
Scholars in the field of educational studies, in particular moral education and citizenship education and educational change. Researchers, teacher educators, curriculum developers, policy-makers.