Clans and Democratization: Chechnya, Albania, Afghanistan and Iraq


In Clans and Democratization, Charlotte Hille investigates clan societies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania and Chechnya. She explores and compares the values of clans with those in Western democratic states, while focusing at conflict resolution and democratization. Based on theory and practice, this book provides tools to facilitate democratic state building in clan-based societies.

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Charlotte Hille, Ph.D. (Leiden, 2003), University of Amsterdam, is Assistant Professor of International Relations and International Law. She is the author of State Building and Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus (Brill, 2010) and State Building in the Transcaucasus Since 1917 (dissertation, 2003).

Part 1: Clans and the State

 1 Clans
 2 Statehood and the Clan
 3 Warlords and the Clan Society
Co-written by Renee Gendron
 4 Society and Democratisation
Co-written by Renee Gendron
Conclusion Part 1

Part 2: Casestudies

 5 Clans in Chechnya
 6 Clans in Albania
 7 Clans in Afghanistan
 8 Clans in Iraq
 General Conclusion
Appendix: Clans, Tribes and their Locality in Chechnya, Albania, Afghanistan and Iraq
Academics, policy makers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence, (I)NGO’s in the field of post-conflict reconstruction, international mediators and students interested in clan society and democratization.
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