Septuagint, Targum and Beyond

Comparing Aramaic and Greek Versions from Jewish Antiquity


In Septuagint, Targum and Beyond leading experts in the fields of biblical textual criticism and reception history explore the relationship between the two major Jewish translation traditions of the Hebrew Bible. In comparing these Greek and Aramaic versions from Jewish antiquity the essays collected here not only tackle the questions of mutual influence and common exegetical traditions, but also move beyond questions of direct dependence, applying insights from modern translation studies and comparing corpora beyond the Old Greek and Targum, including, for instance, Greek and Aramaic translations found at Qumran, the Samareitikon, and later Greek versions.

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Biographical Note
David J. Shepherd (PhD Edinburgh) is Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Head of the School of Religion, Trinity College, Dublin where he was founding director of the Trinity Centre for Biblical Studies. He is co-editor of Journal for the Study of the Old Testament and has published extensively on the Targum, including Targum and Translation (Van Gorcum/Brill, 2004). Jan Joosten (PhD Jerusalem, ThD Brussels) taught Old Testament and biblical languages in Strasbourg for 20 years. Since 2014 he is Regius Professor of Hebrew in Oxford. He is Editor-in-chief of Vetus Testamentum, permanent secretary of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, and honorary member of the Academy of Hebrew Language. Together with Eberhard Bons, he is editor of the forthcoming Historical and Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint. Michaël N. van der Meer (PhD Leiden) teaches Hebrew Bible at the Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam and has published widely on the Greek versions, editing the Formation and Reformulation of the book of Joshua (Brill, 2004), Isaiah in Context (Brill, 2010), The Old Greek of Isaiah (Peeters, 2010) and Septuagint congress volumes of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate studies (SBL, 2016, 2019).
Students of the (Hebrew) Bible; scholars specialized in the fields of Septuagint, Targum and Translation studies as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies.
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