Ephraim Radner, Hosean Wilderness, and the Church in the Post-Christendom West

A Dialogue on the Shape of Waiting


Ephraim Radner, Hosean Wilderness, and the Church in the Post-Christendom West offers the first monograph-length treatment of the compelling and perplexing contemporary Anglican theologian Ephraim Radner. While unravelling his distinctive approach to biblical hermeneutics and ecclesiology, it queries the state of today's secularized church through a theological interpretation of an equally enigmatic writer: the prophet Hosea. It concludes that an eschatological posture of waiting and a heuristic of poesis should dictate the church's shape for an era in which God is stripping the church of its foregoing institutional forms.

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Amy J. Erickson, Ph.D. (2018), resides in central Texas, where she teaches theology at Texas Lutheran University. This is her first book.

 1 Ephraim Radner: a Neglected Scholar
 2 A Fragmented Discipline and a Fragmented Church
 3 Overview

Part 1: Word and Flesh in Time: an Interpretive Analysis of Radner’s Corpus

1 Radner’s Theology of the Word
 1 Introduction to Figural Reading
 2 The Metaphysics of Figural Reading
 3 Figural Reading in Action: Radner on Leviticus
 4 Figural Reading as Perception and Reception
 5 Chapter Conclusion: Mary’s Figuralist Vision

2 Radner’s Theology of the Church
 1 Introduction
 2 Nuptial Ecclesiology
 3 Ecclesiological Diagnosis
 4 Ecclesiological Prescription
 5 Chapter Conclusion: Reconfiguring Radner

Part 2: Hosean Wilderness and Eschatological Poesis: Reconfiguring Radner

3 Reading Hosea Figurally
 1 Introduction
 2 Hosea’s Diagnosis of Israel’s Institutional Forms
 3 Hosea: Figure of the Destroyed Temple
 4 Excursus: Feminist Concerns with Hosea’s Rhetoric
 5 God’s Turn
 6 Hosea’s Wilderness Treatment
 7 Wilderness and the Wisdom Tradition
 8 Chapter Conclusion: Linguistic Renewal for a Secular Season

4 The Shape of Waiting
 1 Introduction
 2 Wilderness: Where the Church Is
 3 Eschatology: Where the Church Is Going
 4 Poesis: the Shape of the Church

Conclusion: Tending Words with Radner
Subject Index
Scripture Index
Theologians, biblical scholars, pastors, educated laypersons, and postgraduate students interested in Ephraim Radner, ecclesiology, theological interpretation, Hosea, secularism, eschatology or the state of the contemporary church.