An Chunggŭn: His Life and Thought in His Own Words


Authors: Jieun Han and Franklin Rausch
In An Chunggŭn: His Life and Thought in his own Words, Jieun Han and Franklin Rausch provide a complete translation of all of An’s writings and excerpts from his trial and appeal. Though An is most famous for killing Itō Hirobumi, the contents of this volume show that there was much more to him than that. For instance, far from being anti-Japanese, An thought deeply about how China, Japan, and Korea could work together to build a regional peace that would eventually spread throughout the world. Now, for the first time, all of An’s extant writings have been assembled together into an English translation that includes annotations and an introduction that places An and his works in their historical context.
This translation was funded by the Institute of Korean Studies, Yonsei University.

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Franklin Rausch, Ph.D. (2011), University of British Columbia, is Associate Professor of History at Lander University. He has published translations and articles on East Asia, with a focus on Korean Catholicism and An Chunggŭn.
Jieun Han, Ph.D. (2017), Yonsei University, is a senior researcher of the Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University. She has published articles and translations on Korean historic figures, including An Chunggŭn.
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Introduction: An Chunggŭn’s Pioneering Idea and Design for a Pax Humanus Centered on Humanism, Asian Integration, and Perpetual Peace
Translators’ Introduction

1 安應七歷史 / History of An Ŭngch’il
 壹千九百九年旧十一月一日 (十二月十三日) 始述 / Begun the first day of the eleventh month (December 13), 1909

2 Miscellaneous Writings
 On Uniting Human Hearts
 The Thoughts of the Korean An Ŭngch’il
 An’s Final Farewell
 An’s Final Statement

3 Excerpts from An Chunggŭn’s Trials
 Excerpt from the Transcripts of the First Trial Session
 Excerpt from the Transcripts of the Third Trial Session
 Transcripts of the Fifth Trial Session
 Excerpt from the Transcripts of the Sixth Trial Session

4 Notes on An’s Post-trial Hearing

5 Prison Report

6 東洋平和論 / On Peace in the East
 東洋平和論 序 / On Peace in the East: Introduction  東洋平和論 目錄 / On Peace in the East: Table of Contents
 前鑑 / Mirror of the Past

7 Prison Letters
 An’s Prison Letters

8 An Chunggŭn’s Calligraphy

Appendix 1: A Brief Timeline of An Chunggŭn’s Life
Appendix 2: The Genealogy of An Chunggŭn
Appendix 3: Map of An Chunggŭn’s Activities
All interested in An Chunggŭn, the history of East Asia, particularly Korea, and the relationship between nation, state, religion, and violence, will find this work of interest.