Visual Pedagogies in Higher Education

Between Theory and Practice


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The use of images in education is expanding, but clear and comprehensive guidelines on how to carry out visual activities with students of a variety of fields are difficult to find. With the case studies from Finland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Poland, Turkey and the United States, contributors to this volume offer detailed reflections on the pedagogical role of using images in higher education. Examples include drawing, collage making, video production, object-based learning, photography projects, and many more. The book constructs a solid argument for the further development of visual pedagogies in higher education, highlighting the need to support students in advancing their visual competency as it has become fundamental to command in everyday life and professional contexts.

Contributors are: Gyuzel Gadelshina, Tad Hara, Joanna Kędra, McKenzie Lloyd-Smith, Gary McLeod, Olivia Meehan, Marianna Michałowska, Iryna Molodecky, Pınar Nuhoğlu Kibar, Paul Richter, Karen F. Tardrew, Rob Wilson and Rasa Žakevičiūtė.

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Joanna Kędra, Ph.D. (2016), University of Jyväskylä, is Postdoctoral Researcher with an interest in visual literacy education, visual cultures, photography, and visual research methods. Joanna serves as Chair of the ECREA Visual Cultures Section and Chair of the IVLA International Presence Committee.
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Visual Pedagogies in Higher Education
Joanna Kędra

PART 1: Visual Pedagogies in Research Methods Courses

1 As Visual as Possible: The Pedagogy of Visual Research Methods in a Finnish University
Joanna Kędra and Rasa Žakevičiūtė

PART 2: Visual Pedagogies in Business Studies

2 How Drawing Enhances Learning for Business Students
Iryna Molodecky

3 The Use of Freehand Drawing as a Means of Teaching Research Methods in a Business School
Gyuzel Gadelshina, Rob Wilson, Paul Richter and McKenzie Lloyd-Smith

PART 3: Visual Pedagogies and Object-Based Learning

4 Discipline-Led Thinking through Cultural Collections and Art  Olivia Meehan

PART 4: Visual Pedagogies in Photography Education

5 Photomedia Literacy in Ruins? Student Attitudes toward Digital and Analog Photomedia When Creating an Archive for the Future
Gary McLeod and Tad Hara

6 Teaching Photography Theory to Art Students: Three Case Studies
Marianna Michałowska

PART 5: Visual Pedagogies in Teacher Education

7 Learner-Generated Video: Video Creation Process for Developing Visual Competencies
Pınar Nuhoğlu Kibar

8 Using Visual Art Practices to Enhance Educators’ Professional Growth
Karen F. Tardrew

Concluding Note: Measuring Success in Visual Pedagogies
Joanna Kędra

Teachers and researchers in further and higher education, academics working in research centers focused on methodological innovation, students of education and research students focusing on visual methods, pedagogy, visual literacy.
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