Places and Forms of Encounter in Jewish Literatures

Transfer, Mediality and Situativity


Volume Editors: Olaf Terpitz and Marianne Windsperger
In the past years, reflections on Jewish literatures and theoretical and methodological approaches discussed in Comparative Literature have converged. Places and Forms of Encounter in Jewish Literatures. Transfer, Mediality and Situativity brings together close readings and contextualizations of Jewish literatures with theories discussed in Comparative and World Literature Studies. The contributions are arranged in five chapters capturing central processes, actors and dynamics in the making of literatures, namely Literary Agents, Literary Figures, Writing Voids, Making of Literatures and Perceiving and Creating Languages. The volume seeks to illuminate the interrelations between literary systems, and to highlight Jewish literatures as a prism for encounters on the levels of text, discourse and culture, and their transformative force.

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Olaf Terpitz is Associate Professor for Jewish Literatures. He has published widely on European-Jewish literatures, including the German edition of Sh. Ansky’s Yiddish diary Der Khurbn in Polen, Galizien und der Bukowina. Tagebuchaufzeichnungen aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg (2019).

Marianne Windsperger has studied Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna and is working on her dissertation on afterlives of Yiddish in contemporary literature. She is a research assistant at the Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien (VWI).
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Olaf Terpitz and Marianne Windsperger
Literary Agents

1 “Folk-lore”, Modernism and Psychoanalysis in the Work of Isaac Bashevis Singer
Aneta Stepien

2 Georg Brandes and the Transnational Vision
Søren Blak Hjortshøj

Literary Figures

3 Autobiography as an Intermediary between Russian and Yiddish Literature
Osip Dymov’s Vos ikh gedenk (Zikhroynes)/ What I remember (Memoirs)
Thomas Mikula

4 Nokhem Shtif and His Berlin Feuilletons
Holger Nath

5 Literary Figures of Encounter and Transformation
Ambivalences of the “Schlemiel,” the “Schelm” and the “Don Quijote”
Olaf Terpitz

Writing Voids

6 Narrating the Other, Discovering the Self?
Recuperations of Yugoslav Jewry in Miljenko Jergovic’s Ruta Tannenbaum
Yvonne Zivkovic

7 “There Is No Need for Thriller Novels about Deportation!”
The Postwar Reception and Criticism of the ‘Literature of Experience’ in Hungary

Tamás Kisantal

8 Georges Perec’s Writing Space
Recherche d’espace perdu
Thomas Nolden

Making of Literatures

9 Surfaces of Encounter
Modern Hebrew Literature and Its Readers in the Early Twentieth Century
Lilah Nethanel

10 A Kulturnation in Verse
Yiddish and German Folk Poetry Anthologies in the National Jewish Discourse
Carmen Reichert

Perceiving and Creating Languages

11 Past Pastries. Remembering and Rewriting Judeo-Spanish Food Names in Contemporary Literatures
Elisabeth Güde


All interested in Jewish literatures, Comparative and World Literature Studies, and anyone concerned with questions of cultural encounters, transformation processes, memory.