Identity Landscapes

Contemplating Place and the Construction of Self

Editor: Ellyn Lyle
Beginning from the notion that self is constructed, contributors in Identity Landscapes: Contemplating Place and the Construction of Self are particularly interested in how relationships with place inform identity development. Locating identity inquiry in methodologies that encourage an explicit examination of self (e.g. autoethnography, self-study, autobiographical inquiry, a/r/tography, and reflexive inquiry), authors situate themselves epistemologically and geographically as they explore where place and identity converge. Through critical, qualitative, creative, and arts-integrated approaches, this collection aims to advance thought regarding the myriad ways that place informs identity development.

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Ellyn Lyle, PhD (2011), Memorial University, is Dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University. She has published several peer reviewed articles and books in the areas of reflexive inquiry, narrative inquiry, teacher identity, and lived and living curriculum.
Foreword: Tethering Fragments
Jodi Latremouille

1 Contemplating How the Places We Dwell, Dwell in Us
Ellyn Lyle
2 Twilight or Obscure
David W. Jardine
3 A Sense of Place: Exploring Place and Identity through Virtual Bricolage Self-Study Research
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan and Anastasia P. Samaras
4 France as a Conduit for Teacher Identity Development: Making Croissants
Christine L. Cho and Julie K. Corkett
5 Toward a Mi’kmaw Poetics of Place
Adrian M. Downey
6 Geographies of Self-In-Relation: Invocations of Heartlands and Hinterlands
Anita Sinner
7 Fragments of the Body, Landscape, and Identity: A Dancer/Poet’s Terroir
Celeste Snowber
8 Being and Becoming in Place: Embodied Ways of Knowing and Living Science
Margaret Macdonald, Cher Hill and Poh Tan
9 In Search of Myself
Sepideh Mahani
10 The Colour of Secrets
Valerie Triggs
11 The Conversation We Never Had: Shared Autobiography in Relation to Place and Each Other
Jennifer Markides and Derek Markides
12 Exploring Identities and Place through the Ecological Imagination
Kelly Young
13 I Am Here, They Were There: A Poetic Rumination of Familial History, Place, and the Conception of Self
Adam Vincent
14 Positioning Myself in Turtle Island: The Storied Journeying of a First-Generation Korean Immigrant-Settler to Canada
Eun-Ji Amy Kim
15 Living In-between: A Narrative Inquiry Self-Study into (Re)locating Place and Self
Carmen Schlamb
16 Beyond Ontological Autonomy: Finding One’s Self in Relations
Peter Graham, Mindy Carter, Rena Upitis and Kelann Currie-Williams
17 Living and Being in Place: An Indigenous Métissage
Vicki Kelly
18 Mindscapes and Landscapes: Rendering (of) Self through a Body of Work
Hilary Leighton
19 Teacher Identity and Agency: Learning and Becoming through Place-Conscious Pedagogy
Sharon Pelech and Darron Kelly
20 Cree Nisgaa Methodological Framework and Poetic Inquiry: Teaching Through (Re)Storying
Keri Cheechoo
21 Teaching Identities: Lessons from Aujuittuq (The Place That Never Thaws)
Heather Mcleod and Dale Vanelli
22 Third Space Identity: Dwelling in National, International, and Epistemological Bazaar
Momina Khan
23 Hospitality at the Intersection of Place, Time, and Self
Lana Parker
24 Weaving Slow and Indigenous Pedagogies: Considering the Axiology of Place and Identity
Shannon Leddy and Lorrie Miller
25 Places of the Heart
Kimberley Holmes and Carl Leggo
All interested in Qualitative Inquiry; Reflective Practice; Philosophy of Education; Sustainability Education; Teaching Methods; Current Issues in Education; and Critical Pedagogy.