Perspectives on Arts Education Research in Canada, Volume 2

Issues and Directions

Volume Editor: Bernard W. Andrews
Arts education research in Canada has increased significantly since the beginning of this century. New forms of arts-based research, such as ethnodrama and a/r/t/ography, have arisen and made significant contributions to the literature. Researchers in departments/schools/faculties of dance, drama, music, visual arts, media studies, cultural studies and education have been successful in acquiring peer-reviewed grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to undertake large-scale projects and disseminate the findings internationally. The purpose of this edited collection, entitled Perspectives on Arts Education Research in Canada, Volume 2: Issues and Directions, is to provide an overview of the current research undertaken across the country, thereby providing a valuable resource for students, professors and research associates working in the arts disciplines, media studies, education, and cultural studies.

Contributors are: Bernard W. Andrews, Kathy Browning, Ranya Essmat Saad, Maia Giesbrecht, Shelley M. Griffin, Rita Irwin, Glenys McQueen-Fuentes, Laura Nemoy, Lori Lynn Penny, Jennifer Roswell, Michelle Searle, Alison Shields, Anita Sinner, Darlene St. Georges, Peter Vietgen, John L. Vitale, Jennifer Wicks, Kari-Lynn Winters, and Thibault Zimmer.

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Bernard W. Andrews, Ed.D. (1987), University of Toronto, is Professor of Education at the University of Ottawa. He has several publications in arts education, including Working Together: A Case Study of a National Arts Education Partnership (Peter Lang, 2016) and Perspectives on Arts Education Research in Canada, Vol. 1: Surveying the Landscape (Brill, 2019).
Foreword: Developing Critical Mass in Arts Education Research
Pauline Sameshima
List of Figures
Notes on Contributors

1 Constructions of Arts Zones: Inclusions of Diverse Learners through Artistry and Literacy
Kari-Lynn Winters, Shelley M. Griffin, Peter Vietgen, Glenys McQueen-Fuentes, Debra McLauchlan and Jennifer Rowsell
2 Art making in Arts-Based Educational Research Dissertations
Alison Shields and Rita Irwin
3 Facing the Music: Exploring the Fears of Pre-Service Generalists in the Music Classroom
John L. Vitale
4 Enhancing Educational Decision-Making: Arts-Informed Inquiry as a Feature of Collaborative Evaluations
Michelle Searle
5 Musical Creativity and Music Education
Maia Kim Giesbrecht
6 Photographic Art Educator
Kathy Browning
7 Where Is the Music in Music Theory Pedagogy?
Lori Lynn Penny
8 Becoming Research Stories: Practices of Life Writing in Visual Art Education
Anita Sinner, Seonjeong Yi, Darlene St. Georges, Ranya Essmat Saad, Thibault Zimmer and Jennifer Wicks
9 Artists Helping Teachers: Learning to Teach the Arts in Professional Development
Bernard W. Andrews
10 Beyond the Art of Listening: Music Research in Medical Education
Laura Nimoy
All interested in the findings of current arts education research, including researchers, undergraduate and graduate students in the arts, artists, arts teachers, education administrators, and those working in the arts industries, and government and non-profit sectors.