Formalism, Decisionism and Conservatism in Russian Law


Author: Mikhail Antonov
This volume examines the elements of formalism and decisionism in Russian legal thinking and, also, the impact of conservatism on the interplay of these elements. The actual conservative narratives, about the distinctiveness of Russian law, reveal certain features of the intellectual culture that is transmitted in legal education, scholarship and practice. These narratives are based on the idea of sovereignty understood as legal omnipotence of the state. References to sovereignty justify the requirement of legality in the sense of fidelity to the letter of the law. They also often serve as a rationale for crafting exceptions to constitutional non-discrimination principles as they are applied to political, religious, sexual and other minorities.

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Mikhail Antonov is Professor of Law associated with the Law Faculty at the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Saint Petersburg) where he teaches legal theory and comparative law. He is also practising as a member of the Saint Petersburg Bar Association.

1 Introduction: The Portrait of a Preacher
 1  Organizing the Sermons
 2  The Audience
 3  Genre of the Sermons
 4  Outlining Augustine’s Homiletic Strategy

2 The Sermon: An Encounter with Scripture
 1  Narratio: A Statement of the Facts?
 2  Narratio and Arrangement
 3  De doctrina christiana 1–3
 4  De doctrina christiana 4: Mirroring the Eloquence of Scripture
 5  Conclusion

3 Preaching to the Catechumens: An Argument for the Church
 1  The Context of Augustine’s Catechesis
 2  Narratio: De catechizandis rudibus
 3  Confirmatio: Sermons to the competentes
 4  Conclusion

4 Preaching to the Neophytes: The Formation of Christian Identity
 1  A New Identity
 2  Liturgical Context
 3  The Future-Oriented narratio
 4  Conclusion

5 Preaching to the Faithful: A Movement beyond Time
 1  A Dialectical Strategy
 2  Dialectical Principles
 3  Figuration
 4  Creation, Flood, and Exodus
 5  Conclusion

6 Conclusion: The Journey Home
 1  The Christian Life
 2  Narratio
 3  Scripture: A Divine Pattern

All interested in Russian law, its intellectual background. Can also be important for comparative study of legal cultures.