The Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli the Karaite on the Books of Amos, Haggai, and Malachi

Karaite Texts and Studies, Volume 13


A critical scholarly edition of the Karaite Yefet ben ʿEli ha-Levi's (10th-century) Judaeo-Arabic translation of and commentary on the prophetic books Amos, Haggai, and Malachi, including a comparison of 19 manuscripts and an extensive introduction. The introduction discusses Yefet's exegesis of the three books, his approaches to the biblical narratives, his polemic with the Rabbanites, and the exegetical principles he uses in his translation of the verses. Yefet ben ʿEli was one of the most important biblical commentators of the early Middle Ages. He translated all the books of the Bible into Judaeo-Arabic and composed a long commentary on them. His commentaries on the books of Amos, Haggai, and Malachi reflect his method of biblical exegesis and present unique interpretive ideas.

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Meirav Nadler-Akirav, Ph.D. (2010), Bar-Ilan University, is a lecturer on Judaeo-Arabic studies in the Arabic Department. She has published extensively on Yefet’s biblical exegesis, especially on the prophetic books.
Transliteration Tables

Part 1 Introduction

1 Yefet’s Exegesis of Amos, Haggai, and Malachi
 1  The Literal Approach
 2  Historical Interpretation
 3  Reconstructing Society at the Time of the Prophets
 4  The Non-literal Approach
 5  Malachi as a Polemical Book

2 Translation Techniques and Exegetical Principles
 1  Alternate Translations
 2  The Principle of Mōshēkh ʿAṣmō ū-Mōshēkh Ăḥērīm
 3  The Principle of Qarīna

3 The Manuscripts
 1  Description of the Manuscripts
 2  Editorial Method
 3  Signs and Sigla Employed in the Edited Text


Part 2 Text

The Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli on the Book of Amos
עמוס א
עמוס ב
עמוס ג
עמוס ד
עמוס ה
עמוס ו
עמוס ז
עמוס ח
עמוס ט

The Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli on the Book of Haggai
חגי א
חגי ב

The Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli on the Book of Malachi
מלאכי א
מלאכי ב
מלאכי ג

Index of Manuscripts
Index of Scriptural References: Hebrew Bible
Midrashic References
Medieval Authors
Modern Authors and Editors
General Index
The book will be of interest to all students of biblical exegesis in the early Middle Ages, especially that of Yefet ben ʿEli, and also anyone interested in Judeo-Arabic Karaite commentaries on the Bible compared to those of the Rabbanites.