History, Casuistry and Custom in the Legal Thought of Francisco Suárez (1548-1617)

Collected Studies


The thought and work of the Jesuit Francisco Suárez (1548-1617) is widely acknowledged as the culmination point of the contribution of the theologians and jurists of the so-called School of Salamanca to the development of modern Western law. This collection of studies on the legal work of Suárez explores some of his major forays into the law. Both his theoretical system-building as well as his interventions in practical questions are covered. Next to discussions on the nature of law and its different categorisations, they extend to various subbranches of the law including family law, property law, the law of obligations, criminal law and international law.

Contributors are: Dominique Bauer, Daniel Schwartz, João Manuel Azevedo Alexandrino Fernandes, Lisa Brunori, Wim Decock, Bart Wauters, Gaëlle Demelemestre, Jean-Paul Coujou, and Cintia Faraco.

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Dominique Bauer is Professor of History at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture and member of the Centre d'Analyse Culturelle de la Première Modernité at UC Louvain. She works on the awareness of time, on temporality, history, and subjectivity in their cultural historical context.

Randall Lesaffer is Professor of legal history at KU Leuven and Tilburg University. His work focuses on the early-modern law of nations and the recent history of international law.
Abbreviations and Bibliographical References to Works by Suárez

1 History, Casuistry and Custom in the Legal Thought of Francisco Suárez
An Introduction
   Dominique Bauer

2 Between Aristotle and Scotus
Suárez on the Duty to Punish
   Daniel Schwartz

3 Francisco Suárez als Rechtsberater
Einige Reflexionen Über die Wahrscheinlichkeit und den Probabilismus im Recht
   João Manuel A. Alexandrino Fernandes

4 The Pragmatic Suárez
Private Law in the Work of the Doctor Eximius
   Luisa Brunori and Wim Decock

5 Free Will and dominium in Suárez
   Bart Wauters

6 La Relation Entre Morale Et Droit Dans La Théorie Suarézienne Du Droit Des Gens
   Gaëlle Demelemestre

7 Suárez
D’un Droit Avant Le Droit Au Devenir Juridique De L’humanité
   Jean-Paul Coujou

8 History and the Auto-Referentiality of Law in the Seventh Book of Francisco Suárez’s De Legibus, De lege non scripta
   Dominique Bauer

9 The Equilibrium between Intellectus and Voluntas
The Definition of Law by Francisco Suárez
   Cintia Faraco


Scholars and students of legal history and the history of political thought of early-modern Europe. Both historians of private law and international law may have a particular interest.