Sustainable Energy Democracy and the Law


Sustainable Energy Democracy and the Law explores the concept of sustainable energy democracy from a legal perspective. It explains what sustainable energy democracy means and how law can help in moulding the concept. Through discussion of legal approaches and instruments from various jurisdictions around the globe, the book provides valuable insights into how law can either facilitate or restrict sustainable energy democracy in practice. It assesses how potential frictions and synergies between legal instruments could influence sustainable energy democracy.

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Ruven Fleming, PhD (2016), University of Aberdeen, is an Assistant Professor of Energy Law. He is working at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law. His research interest is energy and environmental law, with a particular focus on `unconventional´ forms of energy production, hydrogen, renewable energy and energy investment and trade law.
Kaisa Huhta, LLD (2019), University of Eastern Finland, works at the UEF Law School as a senior lecturer in EU law. Her research focuses on EU energy law and, in particular, the evolving EU legal setting for electricity. She has published extensively in international journals and is the author of Capacity Mechanisms in EU Energy Law: Ensuring Security of Supply in the Energy Transition (2019).
Leonie Reins, PhD (2015), is an Assistant Professor at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT) at Tilburg Law School. Prior to joining TILT, she worked as a PhD Candidate and then as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium), as well as a Legal Advisor at a Brussels-based environmental law and policy consultancy.
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Table of Cases
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Conceptualizing Sustainable Energy Democracy in the Context of Law

1 What Is Sustainable Energy Democracy in Law?
   Ruven Fleming, Kaisa Huhta, Leonie Reins

2 Making Sense of Changing Concepts for the Energy Transition
An Energy Transition Concepts Nexus for the Development of Policy and Law
   Romain Mauger

3 The Role of Science in Regulating Sustainable Energy Democracy
   Seita Romppanen

4 Law for Decentralized Electricity Systems Lessons from Complexity Theory
   Niko Soininen and Kaisa Huhta

Part 2
The Sustainability Aspect of Sustainable Energy Democracy

5 From Energy Consumers to Energy Citizens
Legal Dimensions of Energy Citizenship
   Damilola S Olawuyi

6 The Role of Energy Communities in Facilitating Sustainable Energy Democracy
Legal Challenges
   Lea Diestelmeier

7 The Role of Circular Economy Transitions in Fostering Sustainable Energy Democracy
   Katrien Steenmans

8 Sustainable Energy Democracy and the Multilateral Trade Rules
   Moritz Wüstenberg

The Democracy Aspect of Sustainable Energy Democracy

9 Community Benefits Agreements for Renewable Energy Development on Contaminated Land
The Sustainable Energy Democracy Route
   Achinthi Vithanage

10 Distributive Justice, Community Benefits and Renewable Energy
Offshore Wind Projects
   Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui

11 Transformation through Translation?
Sustainable Energy Democracy, Indigenous Values and the Challenge of Transforming the Energy Sector
   Jennifer Campion

12 The Single Buyer Model as a Challenge and an Opportunity in Relation to Sustainable Energy Democracy in Transition Economies
   Piti Eiamchamroonlarp

13 The Quest for Sustainable Energy Democracy in Rural Communities
   Paul Tamuno


14 Lessons from Law for the Conceptualization of Sustainable Energy Democracy
   Ruven Fleming, Kaisa Huhta and Leonie Reins


The primary readership will include scholars, researchers and academics in not just law but also political science and social science as well as all disciplines exploring the functioning of the energy sector.