Prognostic Dreams, Otherworldly Saints, and Caliphal Ghosts

A Critical Edition of Saʿdeddīn Efendi’s (d. 1599) Selimname


Saʿdeddīn Efendi was a renowned Ottoman chief jurisconsult, influential statesman, eminent scholar, and prolific translator of Arabic and Persian works into Turkish. Prognostic Dreams, Otherworldly Saints, and Caliphal Ghosts comprises a critical edition, English translation, and a facsimile of his hagiographic work on controversial Ottoman sultan Selim I (“the Grim”). Saʿdeddīn’s Selimname consists of a preface and twelve anecdotes in which Selim I is portrayed as a divinely ordained sultan who delves into the realm of meditation, communicates with otherworldly saints and the “rightly guided” caliphs, and foretells the future.

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H. Erdem Çıpa (Ph.D., Harvard University, 2007) is Associate Professor of Ottoman history at the University of Michigan. He has published monographs, edited volumes, and articles on Ottoman history and historiography, including The Making of Selim: Succession, Legitimacy, and Memory in the Early Modern Ottoman World (2017).
Note to the Reader


Symbols, Spelling, and Vocalization

Selīmnāme in Transcription

Selīmnāme in Translation

Selīmnāme in Facsimile (MS Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Diez A, Oct. 79)

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Scholars and graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the history and historiography of the Ottoman Empire, messianic and apocalyptic movements as well as dream narratives within the early modern Eurasian context.