Hydrophiloidea - Staphylinoidea (2 vols)

Revised and Updated Edition


Volume Editors: Ivan Löbl and Daniel Löbl
Taxonomy provides the basic building blocks of our understanding of the diversity of life on this planet. It stems from innate human curiosity; confronted with an unknown species or object we ask "what is it?" Taxonomists recognize species and other systematic unities (the taxa), define them and place them within the framework of known organisms, providing the means for their subsequent identification. The Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera (edited by I. & D. Löbl) gives a taxonomic overview of the most diverse group of all living things in the world's largest biogeographical area. It fixes nomenclature needed for unambiguous transfer of information, gives information about the occurrence of species and subspecies, and contains references that provide key information of over 40,000 systematic units. The work is a scaffold for biotic surveys, ecological studies, and nature conservation. It responds also to the urgent need of assessment of the still left forms of life, actually threatened by the on-going destruction of habitats.

Contributors are: Robert B. Angus, Martin Fikáček, Elio Gentili, Manfred A. Jäch, Fenglong Jia, Tomáš Lackner, Ivan Löbl, Sławomir Mazur, Yusuke Minoshima, Alfred F. Newton, Michel Perreau, Alexander Prokin, Marek Przewoźny, Jan Rŭžička, Sergey K. Ryndevich, Michael Schülke, André Skale, Aleš Smetana, Mikael Sörensson.

The publication of the work was supported by the Muséum de la Ville de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland.

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I. Löbl, PhD. (1937), Curator emeritus, Muséum d’histore naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland. He has published monographs and over 300 entomological papers, and was co-editor of the first edition of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera (see Brill, 2013).
D. Löbl, MSc. (1969), operates a consulting company in Geneva, Switzerland. He is interested in databases and has collaborated on the volumes 3 to 8 of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera.
"In der Einleitung (pp. IX–XI) liefern die Herausgeber eine Reihe stichhaltiger Begründungen, warum nach 11 Jahren eine zweite Auflage durchaus gerechtfertigt ist. Insgesamt hat die neue Ausgabe 1702 Seiten, das sind sage und schreibe um 760 Seiten mehr als in der 2004 erschienenen Erstauflage! Mit einer Gesamtanzahl von 41800 Taxa-Namen übertrifft die Neuauflage den Band von 2004 um 6500 Namen. [...] Auch aus meiner Sicht (Hydraenidae) war die Herausgabe der zweiten Auflage sehr wünschenswert. Abgesehen von den zahlreichen neuen Arten und den noch viel zahlreicheren neuen Verbreitungsdaten, die sich in den letzten Jahren angehäuft hatten, ergab sich durch die Neuauflage die Möglichkeit, Fehler aus der ersten Auflage zu korrigieren.[...] Trotz einiger kleiner Fehler ist diese Neuauflage aus den oben genannten Gründen absolut
gerechtfertigt und der Band insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert!" – M.A. Jäch, Wien, in: Koleopterologische Rundschau 85 (September 2015), pp. 348-349

"So can this work be recommended to taxonomists or more widely? Anticipated by the success of the first edition the answer to both should be an emphatic ‘yes’; it has all the potential to be accepted widely, both geographically and across a range of interests. Apart from answering many questions, the catalogue also invites them: why is the range of Oligella insignis A. Matthews, 1861, so restricted and is this real or apparent? Why is it that in Parabathyscia Jeannel, 1908, only one of 34 species catalogued behaves synanthropically and is that why it occurs in Britain? Why is it that in Amauronyx Reitter, 1882, 23 of 29 species catalogued occur in only one country? The catalogue therefore invites and promotes wideranging lines of enquiry and in so doing stimulates the research process; it goes without saying that it also significantly illuminates not only the scientific value of collections but their very existence." – P. F. Whitehead, in: Entomologist’s Gazette 67 (2016), pp. 134-136
Taxonomic information
Distributional information
Biographical information
Authors of the updated edition
Addresses of the authors
Authors of the first edition
New nomenclatural and taxonomic acts, and comments
Index to family-group names
Index to genus-group names
All interested in beetles in general, in distribution of the Euro-Asian and North African species, faunal surveys, correct nomenclature of species, and nature conservation.