Shusterman’s Somaesthetics

From Hip Hop Philosophy to Politics and Performance Art


Volume Editor: Jerold J. Abrams
This edited collection provides an in-depth and wide-ranging exploration of pragmatist philosopher Richard Shusterman’s distinctive project of “somaesthetics,” devoted not only to better understanding bodily experience but also to greater mastery of somatic perception, performance, and presentation. Against contemporary trends that focus narrowly on conceptual and computational thinking, Shusterman returns philosophy to what is most fundamental—the sentient, expressive, human body with its creations of living beauty. Twelve scholars here provide penetrating critical analyses of Shusterman on ontology, perception, language, literature, culture, politics, aesthetics, cuisine, music, and the visual arts, including films of his work in performance art.

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Jerold J. Abrams is Professor of Philosophy at Creighton University and editor of The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick. His essays have appeared in The Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Practicing Pragmatist Aesthetics, Shusterman’s Pragmatism, and many other volumes.

List of Figures

Notes on Contributors

  Jerold J. Abrams

part 1
Pragmatism and Somaesthetics
1 Shusterman’s Pragmatist Philosophy
  Stefán Snævarr

2 From Pragmatism to Somaesthetics as Philosophy
  Alexander Kremer

3 Somaesthetics, Somapower, and the Microphysics of Emancipation
  Leszek Koczanowicz

4 Living Beauty, Rethinking Rap Revisiting Shusterman’s Philosophy of Hip Hop
  Max Ryynänen

5 Somaesthetics and Pathic Aesthetics
  Tonino Griffero

6 Eating as an Aesthetic Activity Somaesthetics and Food Studies
  Dorota Koczanowicz

part 2
Performative Philosophy and the Man in Gold
7 Somaesthetics, Photography, and the Man in Gold
  Jerold J. Abrams

8 An Exquisitely Beautiful Longing A Lacanian Reading of The Adventures of the Man in Gold
  Diane Richard-Allerdyce

9 Shusterman as Philosopher and the Man in Gold
  Yvonne Bezrucka

10 The Golden Turn in Shusterman’s Somaesthetics The Magical Figure of the Man in Gold
  Else Marie Bukdahl

11 On Shusterman’s Somaesthetic Practice The Case of the Man in Gold
  Yang Lu

12 Somaesthetics and Cinema The Man in Gold in the Film Walk the Golden Night
  Jerold J. Abrams

part 3
Shusterman in His Own Words
13 Somaesthetics, Pragmatism, and the Man in Gold Remarks on the Preceding Chapters
  Richard Shusterman

14 On the Path of Somaesthetics An Interview with Richard Shusterman
  Yanping Gao


This volume will be of interest to undergraduates, graduate students, professors, working in American philosophy, aesthetics (including popular art), and embodiment.