Marine Scientific Research, New Marine Technologies and the Law of the Sea


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Notes on Editors and Contributors

1 Marine Scientific Research, New Marine Technologies, and the Law of the Sea
An Introduction
   Keyuan Zou and Anastasia Telesetsky

Legal Regime for Marine Scientific Research under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

2 The Legal Framework of Marine Scientific Research under unclos
Present and Prospects
   Yao Huang and Wenlan Yang

3 What is and What is Not Covered by Part xiii of unclos?
   Christopher Whomersley

4 Redefining Marine Scientific Research in unclos
Could Evolutionary Interpretation Play any Role?
   Hua Zhang

Legal Issues Arising from Newly-Developed Navigational Technology

5 A Preliminary Study of the International Legal Issues Arising from China’s Plans to Deploy FNPP S in the South China Sea
   Yann-huei Song

6 Regulation of Autonomous Maritime Weapon Systems under the Governance Framework of International Law
   M Jahanzeb Butt and Yen-Chiang Chang

7 Developments of Unmanned and Autonomous Merchant Ships Legality under the unclos
   Ling Zhu and Richard W. W. Xing

Marine Scientific Research in State Practice

8 Korea’s Implementation of Marine Scientific Research
   Seokwoo Lee and Young Kil Park

9 Marine Scientific Research
Island States’ Policies and Practices
   Vivian Louis Forbes

10 The Role of International Organisations in the Promotion of Marine Scientific Research in Pacific Small Island Developing States
   Chao Zhang

11 Marine Scientific Research Conducted in Disputed Sea Areas Including Seabed Where Delimitation is Not Agreed
An Analysis from General and Particular Perspectives of the East China Sea
   Atsuko Kanehara

Emerging Challenges to the Freedom of Marine Scientific Research

12 Marine Scientific Research and Marine Genetic Resources
A Proposal for a Global Ocean Research Consortium for Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
  Anastasia Telesetsky

13 Technology Transfer for the High Seas
Potential Modalities for Technology Transfer under the International Legally Binding Instrument
  Stephen Minas