Apuleius Madaurensis. Metamorphoses, Book III

Text, Introduction, Translation, and Commentary


Adventure, sex, magic, robbery, and dramatic declamatory displays play a central role in the plot of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses III. This volume completes the prestigious Groningen Commentaries on Apuleius series, which is available in its entirety as a digital resource as well: Apuleius Online. This volume on book III presents a new text of Metamorphoses III provided with an English translation and a full commentary, which covers literary, linguistic, textual, narratological, and socio-cultural matters. The introduction casts new light on many aspects of Apuleius’ novel, including its relationship with its lost Greek model, with the Greek love novels and with other genres (epic, poetry, declamation), Apuleius’ elaborate style, the narratological features of book III and its main themes. An appendix is devoted to the manuscript transmission of the Metamorphoses: it factors in new textual evidence gathered from the first examination of several recentiores since Oudendorp (1786) and Hildebrand (1842).

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Leonardo Costantini, PhD. (2017), University of Leeds, is a Teaching Associate at the University of Bristol. He has published on Apuleius, Petronius, Fronto, Vergil, Lucian of Samosata, and Plutarch, as well as on magic, and Middle Platonism.

 1 The scope of this commentary
 2 Content of book III
 3 The Metamorphoses (book III), the Onos, and the Ur-ass-story
 4 The characters in book III and their characterisation
 5 Space and time in book III
 6 Narrative techniques
 7 Themes in book III
 8 The prose of the Metamorphoses: a stylistic overview

Note to the text
 1 The text printed in this commentary
 2 Orthography
 3 The translation

Text of book III


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