Western Dualism and the Regulation of Cultural Production


Author: Fiona MacMillan
This work sets out to consider the fate of creativity and forms of cultural production as they fall into and between the regimes of cultural heritage law and intellectual property law. It examines and challenges the dualisms that ground both regimes, exposing their (unsurprising) reflection of occidental ways of seeing the world. The work reflects on the problem of regulating creativity and cultural production according to Western thought systems in a world that is not only Western. At the same time, it accepts that the challenge in taking on the dualisms that hold together the existing legal regimes regulating creativity and cultural production lies in a critically nuanced approach to the geo-political distinction between the West and the rest. Like many of the distinctions considered in this book, this is one that holds and does not hold.

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Fiona Macmillan is Professor of Law at Birkbeck, University of London, and Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Roma Tre and the University of Technology Sydney. Her work focuses on intellectual and cultural property, and international economic law.
 Keywords 1
 Part 1 Cultural Production and the Market for Creative Works
 Part 2 Cultural Production and Community Identity
 Part 3 Cultural Production and Binary Thinking
 Part 4 Surviving