Author: Jessica Nowlin
Etruscan Orientalization provides a historiography of the terms ‘orientalizing’ and ‘orientalization’ in eighteenth through twentieth century European scholarship on early Etruscan history as it sought to understand how civilizational knowledge transferred in antiquity from East to West. This original orientalist framing of cultural influence was influenced by notions of Italian nationalism and colonialism, all traits that can still be felt in modern understandings of ‘orientalizing’ as an art historical style, chronological period, and process of cultural change. This work argues that scholarship on Mediterranean connectivity in early first millennium BCE can provide new insights by abandoning the term ‘orientalizing’.

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Jessica Nowlin, Ph.D. (2016), Brown University, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has published on burial practices, exchange, and connectivity in central Italy and Sardinia.
Etruscan Orientalization
Jessica Nowlin

 1 Introduction
 2 The Beginnings of Art Historical Periodization
 3 Etruscan Origins and Nationalism
 4 Orientalizing: The Birth of a Stylistic Term
 5 Orientalizing to Orientalization: From Period to Process
 6 Recent Interpretations of Orientalizing and Orientalization
 7 Conclusions: Abandoning the Term
This book would be of interest to ancient and modern historians, particularly those interested in European intellectual history, classicists, and Mediterranean archaeologists at the graduate and post-graduate level.