New Developments in the Theory of the Historical Process

Polish Contributions to Non-Marxian Historical Materialism


Volume Editor: Krzysztof Brzechczyn
The first part of this book contains a selection of Leszek Nowak’s (1943-2009) works on non-Marxian historical materialism, which are published here in English for the first time. In these papers, Nowak constructs a dynamic model of religious community, reconstructs historiosophical assumptions of liberalism and considers the methodological status of prognosis of totalitarization of capitalist society. In the second part of the book, new contributions to non-Marxian historical materialism are presented. Their authors analyze mechanisms of the oligarchization of liberal democracy, the democratization of real socialism, and the development of early modern Ottoman and post-war Chinese societies.

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Krzysztof Brzechczyn is (titular) Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. He has published five books and numerous articles in Chinese, English, German, Italian, Polish, and Romanian. His fields of interest are: philosophy of history, philosophy of social sciences, political and social philosophy, and theory of history.
On Leszek Nowak’s Theory of the Historical Process: Preface  
Krzysztof Brzechczyn

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part 1
Leszek Nowak on Non-Marxian Historical Materialism
1 Religion as a Class Structure: A Contribution to Non-Marxian Historical Materialism
  Leszek Nowak

2 The Truth Unbearable for All
  Leszek Nowak

3 Hegel and Liberalism: On the Issue of the Nature of Historiosophy
  Leszek Nowak

4 The Problem of the So-called Social Transformation
  Leszek Nowak

5 The End of History or Its Repetition?
  Leszek Nowak

6 Marxism versus Liberalism: A Certain Paradox
  Leszek Nowak

7 The On-the-verge Effect in a Historical Process: An Attempt at an Interpretation in the Light of Non-Marxian Historical Materialism
  Leszek Nowak

8 Hegel’s Chuckle, That is, Marxism and Liberalism in Polish Politics
  Leszek Nowak

9 On the Prediction of the Totalitarization of Capitalism: An Attempt at an Evaluation after Twenty Years Later
  Leszek Nowak

part 2
On Totalitarization of Capitalism, Democratization of Real Socialism and Development of Non-European Societies
10 The Problem of Totalitarization of the Capitalist Society
  Tomasz Zarębski

11 The Problem of the Accumulation of Class Divisions in Contemporary Capitalism: An Attempt at a Theoretical Analysis
  Mieszko Ciesielski

12 How Does Democracy Evolve in Autocracy?
  Tomasz Banaszak

13 On Coalitions and Party Splintering: A Contribution to the Theory of Power in Non-Marxian Historical Materialism
  Marcin Połatyński

14 On Two Types of Democratization: Poland and Czechoslovakia: An Attempt at Theoretical Analysis
  Lidia Godek

15 The Social Structure of the Ottoman Society: An Attempt at a Theoretical Analysis
  Eliza Karczyńska

16 The Dynamics of Power in Postwar China: An Attempt at a Theoretical Analysis
  Dawid Rogacz

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The volume will be of interest to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as specialists who deal with the philosophy of history, the philosophy of social sciences and the political philosophy of liberalism.