The Eastern Christian Tradition in Modern Russian Thought and Beyond


In The Eastern Christian Tradition in Modern Russian Thought and Beyond, Teresa Obolevitch reflects on the ontology and anthropology of neo-patristic synthesis and its connection to Western philosophy, with a focus on the work of Georges Florovsky and Vladimir Lossky. The book also examines the concept of apophaticism in Russian philosophy: in neo-patristic synthesis and the thought of Semyon Frank and Lev Karsavin, as well as in epistemological and cosmological comparison with process theology. Additionally, Obolevitch’s work undertakes a comparative analysis of the reception of Russian sophiology in the West, especially in the work of Thomas Merton, and also considers similarities between neo-patristic synthesis and Zen Buddhism in the thought of Merton and Sergey Horujy.

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Teresa Obolevitch, Ph.D. is professor at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland. She is the author of numerous articles and several books, including Faith and Science in Russian Religious Thought (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Reinventing the Wheel?: The Continuous Re-envisioning of Modern Orthodox Theology in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Brandon Gallaher

1 The Renaissance of Patristics in Russian Thought
 1 The Thought of Georges Florovsky
 2 The Philosophico-Theological Views of Vladimir Lossky
 3 Concluding Thoughts
2 Apophaticism in Modern Russia
 1 The Historico-Philosophical Premises of Apophaticism
 2 The Patristic School
 3 The Cusanus School: Semyon Frank
 4 The School of Eastern and Western Mystics: Lev Karsavin
3 God and the World in the Perspective of Apophaticism
 1 On Orthodox Cosmology
 2 Divine Presence and Action from the Perspectives of Eastern Christianity and Process Philosophy
 3 The World from the Perspective of Apophaticism: Constancy or Mutability
 4 Concluding Thoughts
4 Russian Religious Philosophy: Between the East and the West
 1 The Ways of Russian Sophiology
 2 The Eastern Christian Tradition in the Works of Thomas Merton
 3 Hesychasm and Japanese Zen Buddhism
 4 Concluding Thoughts
By Way of a Conclusion
Scholars, graduate students, teachers, and general readers interested in Orthodoxy and modern Russian religious thought.