Ulysses Polytropos

Essays on James Joyce’s Ulysses by Fritz Senn


Author: Fritz Senn
The reader will be delighted by the numerous gems gathered together and will find that Senn’s unflagging enthusiasm investigating the craftmanship of Joyce’s work infectious. Senn, a witty and thought provoking astute reader, shows that, even after one hundred years, there is still more to discover in James Joyce’s Ulysses.

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Born in Basel, raised in Zurich, Fritz Senn has been studying Joyce as an independent scholar and since 1985 is in charge of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation.
Frances Ilmberger is an instructor at the English Department at the Universtiy of Zurich and a part time archivist at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation.
Editor’s Acknowledgments
1 Joyce, Craftsman, Artificer
2 Parallax on Show
3 Joyce’s Sense of Rumour
4 Joyce’s Malleable Time
5 Joyce’s Different Conjugials
6 Mercurial Interpolations in Ulysses
7 Coincidental Joyce
8 Active Silences
9 Transmutation in Digress
10 The Joyce of Side Effects
11 Ulysses: Latent Coherence of Deviating Episodes
12 James Joyce’s Ulysses: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven in “Wandering Rocks”
13 In the Arms of Classics: Meta-Morpheus in “Eumaeus”
14 The Warped Modality of Joyce’s “Ithaca”
15 Events in Language: Joycean Extras
16 Ulyssean Histrionics in Everyday Life
17 Logodaedalian Bypaths: Evading the Obvious
18 The Odyssey through Joycean Lenses
This book will appeal to readers and students of Joyce and whoever is interested in literature and attentive reading.