Opusculum fabularum

Die Fabelsammlung der Berliner Handschrift Theol. lat. fol. 142


This volume contains a medieval collection of Latin adaptations of Aesopian fables, the so-called Opusculum fabularum which consists of three books, each of them again containing about 50 fables. Its complete version has been handed down only in the Berlin manuscript Theol. lat. fol. 142. The critical edition of this text is the main part of the present volume. It also contains the critical edition of the text of those fables of the Opusculum fabularum that have been quoted by Conrad von Halberstadt in his Tripartitus moralium.
The present volume is the very first publication of the Opusculum fabularum and will prove most useful for latinists, medievalists and other literary scholars in their studies of the development of the Latin fable in the Middle Ages and in early modern times.
Biographical Note
Christina Meckelnborg, Dr. phil. (1982), is Professor of Latin and Medieval-Latin Literature at the University of Osnabrück. She has published several works on papyrology, codicology and history of printing in the fifteenth century as well as a commentary on Ovid and the edition of the Silva carminum by Bartholomaeus Coloniensis. Bernd Schneider, Dr. phil. (1969), is Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Osnabrück. Among others he has published several editions of medieval and neo-latin texts (Aristoteles Latinus, Rhetorica; Maffeo Vegio, Aeneissupplement; Sebastian Brant, Fabeln; Bartholomaeus Coloniensis, Silva carminum).
Review Quotes
' ...a valuable contribution to our understanding of the history and transmission of fable…’ Edward Wheatley, Speculum, 2003.
Table of contents
Vorwort Einleitung Das Opuscilum fabularum Die Streuuberlieferung Handschriftenbeschreibungen Die Sekundaruberlieferung durch Konrad von Halberstadt Die weitere Rezeption im 14. Und 15. Jahrhundert Editionsgrundsatze Opusculum fabularum Pars prima Pars secunda Pars tercia Conradi de Halberstadt Tripartitus moralium: Excerpta e libro tercio Anhang Indices Verzeichnis der abgekurzt zitierten Literatur
Classical philologists, medievalists and other literary scholars.
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